Fortunately for lovers of the classic gospel-style power ballad, Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones was a big-time insomniac and lead signer Lou Gramm didn’t prevail in every band argument.

As the story goes, following the release of their huge hit album “4” in 1981, the band found themselves with a lot of time to write.  Generally Jones and Gramm did a lot of co-writing for the group’s music, but one night in 1984 Jones, unable to sleep at three in the morning penned the song by himself.

In an interview with, Jones said “I always worked late at night, when everybody left and the phone stopped ringing,” Jones recalls. “I Want To Know What Love Is came up at three in the morning sometime in 1984. I don’t know where it came from. I consider it a gift that was sent through me. I think there was something bigger than me behind it. I’d say it was probably written entirely by a higher force.”

Gramm didn’t agree.  He had reservations about recording I Want To Know What Love Is out of fear that the song would push away their rock fan base and steer them to far towards adult contemporary.   Luckily Gramm lost that internal battle or at least compromised, because the record was ultimately made and it became one of the biggest hits and most identifiable songs of the entire decade.

“I doubt there are many people who haven’t heard it. It was played on the radio all around the world,” Jones told  “And I started getting letters from people who weren’t necessarily fans but had found comfort in that song at times of suffering and sadness. Everybody took their own meaning from it. And that’s all you can hope for as a writer.”

Again, Gramm didn’t agree. In his mind the group’s street cred got washed away with this ballad hit (they had others too), and ultimately he ventured on his own to record a solo album in 1987 (that sorta sucked).

It’s a shame Gramm saw things that way, but in fairness his very emotional interpretation of the lyrics was mixed brilliantly with equal parts grit and heart.

I Want To Know What Love Is earns its place as a first-ballot Cheesy 80s Power Ballad Hall of Famer.  Try to not sing along if you dare, but you’ll fail miserably when the inspiring gospel choir kicks in—if you even make it that far.

Chart Success: This reached number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 and pretty much every chart there was in 1985. It spent 21 weeks total on the charts and finished ’85 ranked fourth on the year-end Billboard Hot 100.

Great Lyrics: I’ll be the first to admit the verses are pretty much the norm for corny-ass ballads, but this classic starts and ends with two of the most recognizable lines from a chorus in popular music history.  

“I Want To Know What Love Is

I Want You To Show Me

“I Want To Know What Love Is

I Know You Can Show Me”

(Sing Over and Over For All Of Eternity)

 Fun Facts:  Gramm can hate on the song he so powerfully delivered on vocally all he wants, but he can never deny it was far-and-away the band’s biggest hit. That’s saying something, as Foreigner has eight other songs reach the Top 6 on the Billboard charts, including a pair reach number-two: Waiting For A Girl Like You & Double Vision.

68. Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel 

56. Michael Sembello – Maniac

55. Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands

54. Heart – Alone 

53. Olivia Newton John – Physical 

52. Loverboy – When It’s Over

51. The Time – Jungle Love

50 Michael Jackson – Thriller 

49. Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing 

 48. Huey Lewis & The News – Do You Believe In Love

47. Madonna – Crazy For You

46. Hall & Oates – Maneater

45. Toto – Rosanna 

44. New Edition – Mr. Telephone Man

43. Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA

42. Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World

41. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

40. Tiffany – Could’ve Been

39. Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark

38. Culture Club – Karma Chameleon

37. Christopher Cross – Sailing 

36. Go-Go’s – We Got The Beat

35. The Jets – Make It Real