(TBP 407) Casual Friday: Bills Concerns, Jack’s Back & Best 80s Movie Soundtracks

January 14, 2022By Patrick Moran

It’s Casual Friday on Talking Buffalo Podcast, which means Patrick Moran is joined by Noted Hockey author and Maintenance Day podcast cohost Joe Yerdon to discuss a variety of topics, including the biggest non-weather concerns the Buffalo Bills have going into their playoff game against New England Saturday night, the Buffalo Sabres again decimated by goaltending … Read More

Wing Review: Belt Line Brewery & Kitchen

August 5, 2021By Patrick Moran

I’ll be perfectly honest with y’all—I’m not a craft beer guy at all.  I’m not a fan of paying $6-7 or more for a pint of beer and I don’t care what the alcohol content is, type of craft it is or where it was brewed.  Plus, finding quality wings at breweries is far from … Read More

Wing Review: Hat Trix Sports Bar

August 1, 2021By Patrick Moran

Hat Trix is located at 4923 Southwestern Blvd in Hamburg, merely a forty second drive from my physical office yet I’ve never actually been there before.  I decided to change that, ironically on National Chicken Wing Day.  A buddy of mine said she was going there and that they had a 50-cent wing special going … Read More

Winter/Spring 2021 Chicken Wing Power Rankings (1-69) & Tiers

May 10, 2021By Patrick Moran

Covid has really sucked. Obviously that statement holds true in more ways than be counted but for the purpose of this post I’m referring specifically to chicken wings.  Being a life-long Buffalonian currently (emphasis on that word “currently) residing in Florida, Covid severely hampered my ability to get back home to Western New York regularly … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: The Yelling Goat

April 19, 2021By Patrick Moran

The Yelling Goat is located on Central Avenue in Lancaster and has been around for—actually I have no idea.  It feels like it’s been around for quite a while and is quite comfortable inside.  I went with a few friends who got things other than wings (blasphemy) including chicken fingers, calzones and a thin crust … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Prohibition 2020

January 20, 2021By Patrick Moran

Prohibition 2020 is located in Orchard Park, almost directly next door to Highmark Stadium (I still call it the Ralph but I digress).  It was former called Biergarten and Tailgaters and who knows before that. I’ve had wings there under previous regimes and quite frankly thought they kinda sucked. Will Prohibition suffer the same fate? … Read More

Favorite 100 Albums of the 80s: (#12) Wham – Make It Big

March 6, 2018By Patrick Moran

Year Released: 1984 Notable Songs: “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”, “Careless Whisper”, “Freedom”, “Everything She Wants” Album MVP: “Careless Whisper” Why I Loved It: This title is about as symbolic to an 80s act as it can get, because boy did Wham ever “Make It Big” with this album.  Staying on that symbolic word, … Read More

Favorite 100 Albums of the 80s: (#13) George Michael – Faith

February 22, 2018By Patrick Moran

Year Released: 1987 Notable Songs: “I Want Your Sex”, “Faith”, “Hard Day”, “Father Figure”, “One More Try”, “Monkey”, “Kissing a Fool” Album MVP: “One More Try” Why I Loved It: During the mid-to-late George Michael was straight fire. With a black leather jacket, an earring and the memorable beard Michael stylistically became a heartthrob to … Read More

Favorite 100 Albums of the 80s: (#14) Cyndi Lauper – She’s So Unusual

February 18, 2018By Patrick Moran

Year Released: 1983 Notable Songs: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Time After Time”, “She Bop”, “All Through the Night” “Money Changes Everything” Album MVP: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Why I Loved It: Cyndi Lauper is the Gwen Stefani of the 80’s  — only far, far better. Whether they were happy-go-lucky jams like “Girls Just … Read More

Favorite 100 Albums of the 80s: (#15) Madonna – True Blue

February 12, 2018By Patrick Moran

Year Released: 1986 Notable Songs: “Live to Tell”, “Papa Don’t Preach”, “True Blue”, “Open Your Heart”, “La Isla Bonita” Album MVP: “Papa Don’t Preach” Why I Loved It: When I first started putting together this countdown I was pretty confident “Like a Virgin” would be my highest ranking Madonna album.  Turns out I was wrong.  … Read More