This is the final of a six-part series Power Ranking all 185 episodes of The Office, today featuring 30-1

I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce these power rankings re just the start of things when it comes to The Office here.  After this I’ll be soon launching a semi-recurring segment on my Moran-Alytics Podcast called “The Finer Things Club.”  I’ll have a rotating panel of segment guests— sports media folk, athletes and other personalities who are fans of the show to talk about specific seasons, episodes, moments, characters, plot lines and much more.


30. Branch Wars (Season 4, Episode 10): Previously dumped by Jim, Karen is now the manager of the Utica branch. She tries to hire away Stanley, springing Michael and Dwight into attack mode while subsequently tricking Jim into thinking he was going on a sales call. The prank at Utica goes wrong and Karen busting and scolding them. There’s multiple uncomfortably funny moments between Karen and Jim, particularly after telling Karen he’s now dating Pam. Meanwhile, Pam, Oscar and Toby start “The Finer Things Club”, which will become the title of my recurring The Office podcast segment.  Andy trying to gain entry to the club is wonderful.  I feel like the show has really hit its peak with all their storylines at this point of the series.

29. Secret Santa (Season 6, Episode 13): Michael’s furious that Jim (co-manager at the time) lets Phyllis be Santa for the Christmas party, and Michael’s pettiness predictably ruins the party.  At one point he rearranges his outfit to become Jesus Christ and constantly interrupts Phyllis as she tries handing out gifts. Meanwhile, David Wallace informs the office there’s a buyer for the company and only Wallace and his fellow execs will be fired, ending widespread office worry they’d all lose their jobs.  We see several tender moments at the party with the best being Michael apologizing to Phyllis.  Also, Andy gives Erin the 12 Days of Christmas for Secret Santa, and while some of his gifts (birds) caused her physical harm, it ends nicely with 12 drummers drumming in the parking lot, making her visibly happy. There’s nothing fancy going on here—it’s just an episode that leaves you feeling very good.

28.  Money (Season 4, Episodes 7-8): Michael Scott belts in one of the series’ most hysterically memorable one liners, yelling “I declare…..bankruptcy!”  As for the (double) episode, Jan’s outlandish spending has Michael in debt and secretly working two jobs.  Meanwhile, Pam & Jim spend a night at Schrute Farms.  Angela allows Andy to ask her out, which greatly upsets Dwight. Jim comforts him with one of those compassionate instances that always helped overshadow their rivalry. Eventually Ryan threatens to fire Michael if he doesn’t his quit second job because he refuses to learn Power Point. Jan and Michael share a nice moment at the end, one of the few times we see Jan treat Michael with kindheartedness.

27. The Deposition (Season 4, Episode 12): Jan files a wrongful termination suit against Dunder Mifflin and at the deposition Michael screws things up for her, essentially by being truthful.  At one point he finds out Jan gave him terrible performance reviews while she was his boss and when faced with siding with Jan or the company, he chooses the latter.  The deposition itself features several funny moments, especially the transcriptionist reading back “that’s what she said” comments.  Also, Michael and Toby sit together at lunch but within seconds Michael’s annoyed by him and pushes Toby’s tray off the table.  Meanwhile, Jim and Darryl square off at ping pong, prompting Kelly (Darryl’s “sorta” girlfriend) to talk tons of trash to Pam.

26. The Client (Season 2, Episode 7): This is a pendulum shifting episode. Michael and Jan meet a businessman at Chili’s and while Jan’s angered by Michaels’ antics and refusal to talk actual business, he eventually wins the guy over and they close a big paper contract.  Near night’s end, a drunken Jan and Michael start making out. Oh shit!  She’s spotted coming out of cab to retrieve her car the next morning at the office by early arrival Dwight. Also, Pam finds a copy of Michael’s “Michael Scarn’s Threat Level Midnight” screenplay and the office does a table read.  Jim and Pam share a meal on the roof and later share his headphones to hear music. It was one of their early season signature scenes that made it so easy to root for them, unless of course you’re a fan of Roy.

25. Cocktails (Season 3, Episode 18): A reconciled Pam and Roy are at a bar and Pam decides it’s the right time to tell Roy about the Casino night incident/kiss with Jim while they were engaged. Pam does so because she doesn’t want the relationship to move forward with any secrets or lies. Upon hearing the news Roy is instantly enraged, smashing everything in sight at the bar while a horrified Pam leaves and tell him it’s over for good.  Roy says directly to the camera “I’m going to kill Jim Halpert.” That line literally had me waiting the entire week to see what would happen next. Meanwhile, Jan makes her relationship with Michael public and immediately regrets doing so at an upscale party at David Wallace’s house. Michael’s visibly hurt by her lack of affection and it couldn’t be more obvious that while their relationship has sexual chemistry, the actual love is completely one-sided.

24. Living The Dream (Season 9, Episode 21): The post-Michael era in general wasn’t great but man, did the last handful of episodes of this series finish strongly. Here, Andy decides to pursue a career as a professional actor and quits his job at Dunder Mifflin. He wavers back and forth with everyone telling him trying to be an actor is a horrible idea.  Eventually he chooses to leave and upon his exit performs “I will remember you” on his guitar, which at the risk of being corny was literally beautiful. It’d become to the first of several tearjerker moments over the last few episodes. He’s again the Andy I loved in the seasons before becoming an entirely obnoxious boss. Meanwhile, Dwight finally receives his black belt in karate from his new sensei and after Jim recommends him to David Wallace, is finally promoted to Regional Manager of Scranton. To use the emotion word again, it’s great to see Dwight’s expression at finally achieving what he’s strived for since the first episode. As for Jim, he’s back working full time in the office  to work on their relationship, Darryl comes to him with exciting news about the startup company branching out West, but Jim tells Darryl he’s out because he doesn’t want to leave Pam, which she overhears inside the bathroom door. Also, Angela is a physical and mental mess, evicted from her studio apartment with her cats taken away. Oscar decides to take her in and when they’re both in the car she starts crying and tells Oscar she’s in love with Dwight. They embrace with a hug. I’ll tell anyone who will listen that down the stretch Angela was as good as any character.

 23.  Gay Witch Hunt (Season 3, Episode 1): A ton to unpack as Season three begins. Jim’s gone from Scranton, having transferred to Stamford after being rejected by Pam at the end of the previous season. We learn Pam didn’t go through with marrying Roy and they’re now broken up, although Roy clearly wants her back.  Michael learns Oscar is gay and in Michael Scott fashion outs him to everyone. Michael calls for a conference room meeting, where he attempts to show everyone he’s open minded and gives Oscar a kiss on the mouth. We see series series debuts of Karen Filippelli and Andy Bernard, and right away we get a glimpse of Andy’s anger issues after Jim pranks him by putting his stapler inside a bowl of jello.

22. A Benihana Christmas (Season 3, Episodes 10-11): This episode features what I consider one of the show’s all-time great moments. Michael and Andy pick up a pair of Asian chicks at lunch and bring them back to the office Christmas party.  Michael, unable to differentiate which girl was his marks her arm with a sharpie. I can’t express how brilliant that scene was. Earlier in the show Carol dumps Michael, which sucks considering he got them tickets to Jamaica. Jim (also usual) comforts a depressed Michael and confides that he really misses Pam.  Meanwhile, Karen and Pam team up and having a competing Christmas party against Angela.

21. Garage Sale (Season 7, Episode 19): The episode that changes everything. Michael proposes to Holly in one of the most emotionally gratifying scenes of the entire series. I mean, we literally spent years waiting for Michael to find true love and have this moment. However, the happiness of the office is short-lived as we learn Holly’s parents are ill and Michael announces he’s moving to Colorado and leaving Dunder Mifflin.

20. Phyllis’ Wedding (Season 3, Episode 16): Phyllis gets married to Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. She allows Michael to be a part of her wedding (pushing her father in a wheelchair down the aisle) because he allowed her extra time off work for the honeymoon. Naturally, Michael gets overbearing to the point he’s thrown out.  It’s vintage Michael Scott for sure.  Meanwhile, Jim and Karen slow dancing bothers Pam and she ends up dancing with Roy outside and they eventually leave together. Before that, you see brief hesitation in Jim’s face before embracing his relationship with Karen after he sees Pam and Roy leave together.  The funniest moment of the episode is Ryan swatting away the bouquet Phyllis tosses so Kelly can’t catch it.  The Office is in large part about relationships and the Ryan/Kelly dynamic is consistently underrated.

 19. Café Disco (Season 5, Episode 27): My second-favorite episode of the fifth season. Michael still has a lease on the basement office he had with the Michael Scott Paper Company (although it’s shown previously the office space was free) and makes it into a Disco break room. Nobody goes and that greatly dejects him, but at some point everyone shows up to dance and it’s a lot of fun. Jim and Pam had originally schemed to sneak off to Ohio to get married but decide to stay and have a real wedding in the future. Dwight bonds with Phyllis when she injures her back dancing. Kelly and Andy have a dance off.  Oscar is stunned Erin invited an outside friend, meaning she’s not ashamed of the office. Kelly pierces Andy’s ear in the bathroom. There’s just a ton of bonding, dancing and good times going on and you know what—-some of the best episodes encompassed just a bunch of employees genuinely enjoying being around each other.  Also, it’s shit like that which makes having almost any job an unfair comparison.

18. Counseling (Season 7, Episode 2): There’s so many tense interactions involving Michael and Toby through the years, and this episode is arguably their best ever. You get the classic Michael cold blank stare at Toby as they’re about to start counseling, seen in memes all over the internet. You get Michael instantly exploding as soon as the session starts and constantly belittling him. Meanwhile, Pam realizes she sucks at sales and somehow manages to create her own office administrator position. If you’re anti-Pam this episode gives you plenty of ammunition. Also, Dwight is shunned by a retail store at the mall, which leads Jim to a Pretty Woman prank.  The segments between Michael and Toby literally have me laughing out loud every time I watch this episode. Bonus points for Phyllis, who has one of the series’ best testimonials to the camera when discussing Michael in anger management, saying “I’m glad Michael is getting help. He has issues and he’s stupid.”

17. Stress Relief (Season 5, Episodes 14-15): Dwight simulates a fire in the office that puts everyone in panic mode and causes Stanley a heart attack. A stress monitor Stanley wears goes off every time Michael comes near him, making everyone realize Michael’s causing Stanley’s stress.  Michael has a Michael Scott roast in the warehouse but it goes poorly for him, as he’s deeply offended by everyone’s jokes. Hurt, he doesn’t show up for work the next morning but comes in later and roasts everyone—Boom Roasted! Also, Pam’s parents are fighting and Jim telling her dad how much he loves Pam unintentionally influences her dad to leave his wife, saying he could never feel the same way Jim feels about Pam. If that’s not enough, we get the classic CPR training class which results in Dwight cutting off the face and wearing it.  By the way, this show drew huge ratings in part because it aired after the Super Bowl.

 16. AARM (Season 9, Episodes 22-23):  If we’re being honest, some of the pranks Jim pulled on Dwight through the years were corny and not very entertaining. However, this episode contained arguably his greatest prank of all. Jim convinces Dwight (now branch manager) he needs to find someone to become “Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager.” Of course, Jim navigates it so Dwight ends up choosing himself for the job.  It’s the vintage Jim/Dwight chemistry that made this show great.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Darryl had quit the week before, literally not saying goodbye to anyone. He stopped at the warehouse and people from the office spot him. They demand a proper goodbye and ultimately he ends up dancing with everyone. Epic scenery providing fans all the feels.  Speaking of literally all the feels, Jim helps convince Dwight that Angela, not Esther is the right woman for him and at the end of the episode we see Dwight propose to Angela in most lovable Dwight fashion ever. Yes! Sticking with the feels, Pam tells Jim she’s scared he thinks she’s not enough for him and Jim has the doc crew produce a video for him outlining some of their best moments together.  If that’s not enough, he gives her the Christmas card he pulled back from her gift all the way back in the second season. Finally, Andy auditions for America’s Next A Cappella Sensation and it’s a disaster. Meh, I could care less about his audition and thought those scenes were overrated, but everything else makes this a definitive episode.

15. The Job (Season 3, Episodes 24-25): Schrute Bucks! Michael, thinking he’s a lock to get the corporate job (Jan’s) in New York makes Dwight temporary manager. Dwight introduces “Schrute Bucks” to the office and Stanley isn’t impressed.  Dwight to Stanley, “Don’t you want to earn Schrute Bucks” to which Stanley replied “I’ll give you a billion Stanley nickels if you never talk to me again.”  This episode was also the birth of Creed Thoughts,  Also, Michael’s all set to break up with Jan until she comes into the office to try and work it out and Michael sees that she got a boob job.  Relationship reconciled! Lastly, at the end of this season finale, while Pam is having a testimonial moment with the camera Jim interrupts and asks her on a date. She says yes and I spend sleepless nights over the next handful of months waiting for the start of the next season. By the way, Michael’s commitment to breaking up with Jan until he sees her new boobs simply can’t be understated. It’s probably the most true Michael Scott thing on the show ever.

14. Scott’s Tots (Season 6, Episode 12): Controversial episode among the most ardent Office fans that has many fans hating it, calling it cringe-worthy and unwatchable. I vehemently disagree. This is Michael Scott at his truest, making empty promises and trying to squirm his way out of it.  10 years previously Michael made a pledge to a group of underprivileged kids that if they made it to college he’d pay their tuition. Obviously that was never going to happen and when an article springs up about it a decade later, Michael’s treated like a hero by the kids—until of course he finally admits he can’t pay their tuition and offers laptop batteries (haha) as restitution. Sure, it’s uncomfortable and in today’s times kind of messed up but whatever, it’s funny as hell.  The other reason I have this ranked high is because the episode represented a seminal moment between Michael and Erin. Prior to this Michael had treated Erin like an afterthought.  However, it’s Erin’s support of Michael during the tuition fiasco that sees Michael finally warm up to her, even comparing her to Kevin in that Michael hired him as an accountant instead of the warehouse because he saw something in him.

 13. Murder (Season 6, Episode 10): Who am I to let an epic Michael Scott character creation not be near the top of these power rankings? Caleb Crawdad is the hero we all never knew we needed. When the office learns the company is in trouble and could be folding soon, Michael distracts them with a “Murder in Savannah” game that features absolutely hilarious southern accents and roleplaying. Meanwhile Andy asks out Erin during the game while talking in character and she accepts in the same manner, neither realizing the other wants to go on a real date. It reminds me of a Three’s Company episode.  “I do declare” from Caleb Crawdad is one of the series’ best lines ever. The final scene with Dwight, Andy and Michael squaring off pretending to be armed (Pam joins in as well) is insanely memorable. The MVP of this episode, however, isn’t a quote. It’s Creed, who after arriving to work late is told he’s a suspect in the murder (as part of the game) and immediately takes back off in his car.  Don’t ever change, Creed.

12. Threat Level Midnight (Season 7, Episode 17): Threat Level Midnight starring Michael Scarn. What more really needs to be said? If you don’t know you probably didn’t watch this series and I’m clueless as to why you’re reading.  I can do the Michael Scarn dance forever. Much like the Scott’s Tots episode there’s a considerable part of The Office fan base that doesn’t like this episode. I simply don’t get it.

 11. Goodbye Toby (Season 4, Episodes 18-19): For all the relationships, both built through romance and rivalry on The Office I think my favorite was the continuing repugnance Michael had for Toby.  This episode features Toby’s last day on the job, as he’s moving to Costa Rica and the bliss in Michael’s face says it all.  I mean, he literally wouldn’t have needed to say a word—you can see how excited he is that Toby’s leaving.  Michael wants to have the biggest party ever to celebrate.  All of this alone makes for a great season finale, but there’s more.  We’re introduced to Holly and she hits if off with Michael immediately, so much that Michael tells Jim he’s in love with her after about 15 minutes. That relationship will have to be put on hold, because Kevin goes to the supermarket and runs into a very pregnant Jan.  Meanwhile, Jim’s finally ready to propose to Pam and gets ready to do so during fireworks (Michael really went out for this party) but just as he reaches for the ring, Andy takes the mic and proposes to Angela, who (extremely) reluctantly accepts.  This leaves Dwight crushed and Jim annoyed. This season finale ends with Phyllis walking into the office to find Angela and Dwight having sex. I’m thinking Andy’s engagement may soon shit shaky ground.  That and the cliffhanger of a pregnant Pam plus Michael wanting to be a dad (even though the kid isn’t his) coupled with the instant chemistry between he and Holly left fans properly enthusiastic for a fifth season.

10. Business School (Season 3, Episode 17): This may be one of, if not the entire series’ most underrated episodes in that we see a side of Michael fans love so much that they don’t mind dealing with his incompetence and habitual selfishness. First, Ryan asks Michael to speak at his business school (which he only did to receive extra credit) and an overly excited Michael totally bombs in front of the class. Ryan predicts Dundler Mifflin will become extinct within the next 10 years and essentially used Michael’s speech as evidence why.   Ultimately Michael punishes Ryan not by firing him but moving his desk back to the annex next to Kelly, who is entertainingly thrilled.  More importantly this is the episode we see the absolute best of Michael. Pam, now back with Roy has an art show and almost no one shows up. Roy does with his brother but is clearly uninterested while doing a poor job of trying to act otherwise.  Oscar briefly shows up with his lover but is condescending. Pam’s dejected no one else showed (especially Jim) but Michael saves the day, arriving and being genuinely admiring of her painting of the office building, insisting he buys it.  It’s one of the most tender moments of the entire series and that framed photo of the office would become a trademark of the show, literally to the finale scene of the series.

9. Niagara (Season 6, Episodes 4-5): In the first season we started feeling the Jim and Pam vibe. By the early part of Season two we were all-in for them. Three-plus seasons later we finally got the big payoff.  Jim and Pam get married in Niagara Falls and it was everything we hoped it to be.  We had the humor of Michael’s unsolicited sexually explicit speech during the rehearsal dinner, Andy wrecking his scrotum during a dance party the night before the wedding, Kevin’s bad feet (and toupee) and Dwight hooking up with Pam’s hot friend Isabelle, who inexplicably is fixated with him. Of course we have the feel-good moments of the predictable  yet monumental wedding entrance and the priceless expressions of Jim and Pam both soaking everything in, already secretly tying the knot on the Maid of the Midst minutes before.  Bonus points for Michael hooking up with Pam’s mom at the end of the episode, which would become a pretty funny storyline a handful of times going forward.  I could seriously watch the wedding entrance a million times and never get bored if for no other reason than the Pam and Jim looks at each other.

8. Casino Night (Season 2, Episode 22): We waited almost from day one for Jim to make his big move and we finally got it on Casino night. He tells Pam he’s in love with her, urges her not to marry Roy and they share a huge kiss in the office before he realizes she’s not going break off her engagement. For Jim fans it was certainly soul-crushing.  Meanwhile, Michael invites both Jan and Carol to Casino Night in the warehouse and awkward hilarity ensues. We see that Jan had brought a bag with her, expecting to spend the night at Michael’s. This is also the episode that is perhaps the biggest Office meme/gif of them all, Michael looking at Toby in disgust and uttering “why are you the way that you are?” By the way, this was the first episode Steve Carrell ever wrote for the show. It’s a brilliant episode that probably more than other season finale had us looking forward to what would come next.

7. The Convict (Season 3, Episode 9): The episode as a whole isn’t exactly classic material but I really don’t give a shit—because Prison Mike in the conference room is arguably the most singularly funny three minutes in series history. Ask anyone who their favorite character on the show was and a chunky percentage would say Prison Mike, who had all of one scene in nine seasons. It’s THAT funny and one of the most re-watchable episodes of the series. There’s also Jim as a prank towards Pam encouraging Andy to try and kick it to her by telling him a bunch of things about her that she actually dislikes.


6. The Injury (Season 2, Episode 12): Michael burns his foot on his Foreman grill at home and over-exaggerates the severity of it like only he can. Dwight rushes to pick him up at this condo but smashes his car against a pole in the parking lot, suffering a concussion. Michael fumes at the office’s insensitivity of his injury and enlists a handicapped Billy Merchant to the conference room to try and draw a comparison. Billy points out to Jim that Dwight has a concussion and Michael is completely unsympathetic. Jim and Michael finally take Dwight to the hospital and just as Dwight’s going into the MRI tube, Michael hilariously stuffs his foot in the machine.  This episode is littered with funny scenes and one liners, especially Pam noting to Michael that he cooked his foot.

 5. Christmas Party (Season 2, Episode 10): We could argue for days the show’s all-time funniest lines, tender moments or sad goodbyes, but without question the funniest reaction to a gift ever came from this episode.  During Secret Santa where everyone was supposed to have a $20 maximum gift, Michael (after getting a bonus) bought Ryan a $400 iPod.  Michael’s gift from Phyllis was as homemade oven mitt. His reaction of disgust is honest-to-God one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on sitcom TV.  An angry Michael turns the gift exchange into Yankee Swap, which turns everything to chaos.  Jim drew Pam and got her a teapot but the gift, which includes a card confessing his love for her is passed around before she ultimately gets it, trading away the iPod to do so.  It’s the type of episode that really set the tone for the entire series — Michael being a complete dick and then atoning for it—in this case buying a shitload of vodka for the office and giving an affectionate apology to Phyllis. I loved everything about this episode.

4. Diversity Day (Season 1, Episode 2): After an intriguing pilot, this is the episode that made me realize this show would become part of my television viewing fabric. Michael’s Chris Rock expression (funny in Michael Scott fashion) results in a racial sensitivity seminar.  A consultant is brought in but Michael takes over and it goes sidesplittingly terrible. He has everyone place index cards with a heritage written on their forehead and forces everyone to act out what their partner had on theirs. Highlights include Dwight and Pam banter with Dwight fearing he’s a woman and the epic Michael talking Indian to Kelly, resulting in her slapping him in the face.  Aside from hilarity we also get our first preview of what would become focal series-long storylines: Dwight stealing a sale from Jim to emphasize their rivalry (at least in Dwight’s eyes) and Pam falling asleep on Jim’s shoulder during a boring conference room meeting, quietly much to Jim’s delight.  This second episode was all it took to get me addicted to the series.

3. Finale (Season 9, Episodes 24-25): Like any true Office junkie I was emotionally invested into the series finale, so saying I laughed my ass off while also crying my face off is no surprise. But in an industry where so many great shows end not greatly, this finale was done to perfection, to the point where If I saw this number-one on someone’s countdown you’d get no complaints from me. You had many laughs, far too mention. You had great storytelling in the return of many former employees (the finale was fast forwarded one year later) such as Darryl, Toby, Andy, Nellie, Ryan, Kelly and Kevin. You had Angela and Dwight, who some would argue had an even more entertaining courtship than Jim and Pam finally tie the knot. Of course, you also had the mega-surprise return of Michael Scott and let me tell you — when he appeared just before Dwight got married I jumped off my couch with the same enthusiasm my 12-year Hulkamaniac self did when Hulk Hogan beat the Iron Sheik in Madison Square Garden to win the WWF championship. For me the best was the last handful of scenes, which of resulted in a plethora of tear jerking moments from fans and the cast alike, most set to the background of Creed singing and playing the guitar. Absolutely epic final camera testimonials from Andy, Darryl, Pam, Jim and even Creed that wrapped up everything perfectly, right down to the final camera scene of Pam’s painting Michael purchased in Season three.  I truly would put this finale up against any successful series’ finale that’s ever been on television, ever.

2. Goodbye Michael (Season 7, Episode 22): Of the 185 episodes in this countdown none blended in comedy, reflection and sadness more than here—Michael’s farewell episode.  From Dwight’s recommendation letter and paintball fight, to Michael pressing Phyllis to finish her mittens she’s been working on for him, to Jim’s “best boss ever” comment when he figures out Michael’s leaving a day early, to Pam’s hug with Michael at the airport, I must’ve gotten onions near my eyes no less than five times. It wasn’t all sadness though, as Michael writes out a list of everyone’s final goodbyes and checks them off as he has a moment with each of them. This contains hilarious moments of Michael giving his prized client list to Andy, which pisses the office off because even Andy knows he’s going to lose clients. We also see classic Michael condescending advice to Gabe and Kevin among others.  What was particularly revealing is the final scene taking place in the conference room with new manager DeAngelo Vickers having a meltdown struggling not to eat a cake and a bewildered Dwight and Jim sharing looks at each other, as if they knew this series was about to often fall into the shitter.

1. Dinner Party (Season 4, Episode 9): Truth be told, I struggled with placement on many episodes that landed inside the top 50.  Did I place an episode too high or too low? That would often occupy my thoughts but I can promise you “Dinner Party” wasn’t one of them. From the moment I decided I’d re-binge The Office and create a power rankings list and hit play on the very first episode, I never spent a second contemplating on what would be number one. From her being a recurring cast member in Season one and climaxing with this episode, Jan Levinson Gould was a criminally underrated part of the show.  She never shined brighter than here and the chemistry, or lack thereof between her and Michael being on full display for Jim, Pam, Angela, Andy, Dwight and his former babysitter was the cream of the crop. From her jealousy of Pam to the (terrible) dancing of her former assistant Hunter’s (terrible) music to Michael trying to pitch Andy and Jim to invest in her candle company, to the fight at dinner, to Michael screaming “That’s what she said!”, to Jan smashing Michael’s (small) wall plasma TV with his Dundie to—- I can go on forever here.

Simply put, it’s the greatest episode of the greatest comedy television show ever.


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