On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast presented by Pulse Cellular, Patrick Moran interviews longtime WGR550 Buffalo Sabres reporter Paul Hamilton on a wide variety of topics spanning his life and career.

A radio veteran at WGR since 1994, Hamilton talks about discovering the sport of hockey at a very young age in Amherst. While his adult career has been focused on covering the sport in Hamilton’s younger years he excelled at playing it, going to Iowa State to play college hockey and eventually earning school Hall of Fame honors.  He also was invited to the 1980 U.S. Olympic team tryouts and recounts that story, including spending time playing on a line with future Olympic hero Mark Johnson.

Hamilton also discusses what led to his opportunity at WGR nearly 25 years ago and how it quickly transitioned from part time board operator to Sabres reporter—a position he’s held ever since.

The two spend considerable time on deep topics, including Hamilton losing his wife to cancer and how the support of others helped him move forward as well as a major lifestyle change and procedure a few years ago that very likely saved his life.

They also talk a little Buffalo Sabres hockey as Hamilton gives his take on who he’d like to see as the next Sabres head coach, how trading Ryan O’Reilly last summer was absolutely the right move for them to the make, and what the organization needs to realistically do this summer to improve and wipe off the stench for falling off in historical fashion this past season.

Along with some lively conversation on the pitfalls of Twitter the two wrap up with the Mini-Lightning Round, where we learn among other things Paul wishes he could rock out some Led Zepplin at karaoke, is a big Lance Allworth fan and would love to have an intimate conversation with people involved with Pearl Harbor.

You can follow Paul on Twitter @Pham1717 and check out his work at wgr550.com.

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