The Yelling Goat is located on Central Avenue in Lancaster and has been around for—actually I have no idea.  It feels like it’s been around for quite a while and is quite comfortable inside.  I went with a few friends who got things other than wings (blasphemy) including chicken fingers, calzones and a thin crust New York City style pizza they’re supposedly well known for.

They also have a reputation in some wing circles for having an excellent signature Berbere flavor wing, described on the menu as “award winning” and Ethiopian spice (medium heat).  I tried these and their traditional hot wings.  Do they pass the test? Let’s find out.

PROS: They’re decent sized wings and cooked thoroughly.  There’s plenty of other things to like about the place but in regards to wings, that’s all I got.

CONS: There’s a difference between crispy and dry and felt these verged on the latter. To make matters worse the sauce was skimped on.  Not a good combination.  The Berbere is their signature flavor but personally was a bit bland for me. There’s some sort of goat cheese that supposedly goes in concert with them but that drew no interest from me. The hot wings were average and may have been better if again, more sauce was on the plate. $13.99 for a single order is while not a rip off, not a good bargain either.

QB COMPARISON: Joey Harrington.  Came into the league with a considerable potential but never reached it.  I feel these wings should’ve been better than the attractive appearance as they first appeared on our table.

RECORD IF THE YELLING GOAT PLAYED A FULL NFL SEASON: 7-10. You can get those mock drafts started by early December.

OUTLOOK: It’s obvious I didn’t like the wings and won’t recommend them here. Instead I’d like to focus on other things. I did like The Yelling Goat. It’s a quaint place that feels cozy and friendly. The service was top notch.  The food portions were HUGE.  I went with a few buddies who got things other than wings.  My buddy Larry went with chicken fingers and those along with fries literally covered his entire plate.  Another friend got a calzone which may take six months to finish.  There was also a pizza for the table and was pretty good (I had a slice).  So, it needs to be noted there’s good food to be had there for sure.   That said, I feel a responsibility to the portion of readers who actually put stock into what I say about these reviews, and the wings just don’t do it for me.  Of course, these are always subjective and I encourage you to find out, good or bad for yourself.