On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by frenemy and recurring guest Joe From Queens for their weekly conversation, this week heavily focused on some information coming out about PSL’s for the new Buffalo Bills stadium that may concern fans as well as some thoughts on new Bills/Sabres COO Pete Guelli and the long awaited return of the Starting Five draft.

The Bills are in the process of preparing to give current season ticket holders a Stadium Experience tour with the goal of selling them on wanting to obtain a PSL (personal seating license) to be able to continue to being a season ticket holder when the new stadium eventually opens. Unpopular for obvious reasons but quickly becoming commonplace with new stadiums, the guys have thoughts on PSL and how it may effect fans—–from the tough sell the Bills have to straight up pricing some out of continuing to carry season tickets. They explain with at least some details as best they can what a PSL actually means and share some speculation and guesses on what the cost of doing season ticket business with the Bills may ultimately be.

They also spend some time talking about new Bills & Sabres COO Pete Guelli, who’ll be tasked with tough assignments that include having a major part in the overseeing of Bills season tickets with a new stadium and trying to find ways to both improve the Key Bank Center and get fans excited about coming to hockey games again and having a better arena experience—again, easier said than done.

Also, it’s the return of the Starting Five draft, a fun weekly exercise Patrick once did with Joe Yerdon or more than a full year when the guys each make five draft selections on a different topic each time. In honor of it being Easter week, this time the guys are drafting Best Bunnies. That and much more.

That plus some observations from a wild week around the league and much more. Follow Joe on Twitter @BuffaloWins.


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