On this bonus Wednesday episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by Buffalo Bills reporter for The Buffalo News, Katherine Fitzgerald for a conversation spanning her life and career to this point.

Designed to give a fans a peak behind the curtain into Katherine’s life beyond the great job she does covering the Buffalo Bills, they spend time talking about Fitzgerald’s childhood and what first got her interested in sports journalism along with Marine Biology. Katherine talks about why she went to the University of North Carolina for college and going out west to work on her Masters.

They also talk about her time at the USA Today and Arizona Republic, what brought her over to The Buffalo News this summer, her takes on Buffalo sports media colleagues, social media, living in Buffalo, wings and much more before ending with a Fun Fact Finale where Katherine drops a ton of tidbits about her personality.

It’s a great conversation with someone who’s quickly becoming known as one of Western New York’s best sports storytellers.

Be sure to follow Katherine on Twitter @Kfitz134 and of course check out her awesome work at The Buffalo News.


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