On this special episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has an interview with one of the biggest lightning rods in sports and social media.  Barry McCockiner joins the podcast for a rare interview on several different topics ranging from history to humor with tons of sports talk along the way.

Barry McCockiner is a troop lover, seven-time racism hater honoree, advocate against marijuana overdose and probably has been suspended from Twitter more times than anyone in recorded history. He’s also incredibly knowledgeable with sports, particularly with football and basketball and the guys discuss it all.

Barry explains how he grew his brand and that it took years to see his following grow into the tens of thousands.  They also discuss some of his best trolls, if there’s a line he’s crossed he regrets and the method in which he balances humor with substance in his persona.

They also discuss Barry growing his presence through his Class Act Podcast and his YouTube channel, including the time-consuming work that goes into producing his content.

Of course there’s plenty of sports talk and Buffalo Bills fans will be delighted to hear a trademark Barry McCockiner rant against the guy he considers the most overrated athlete in sports history, Tom Brady, as well as thoughts on if Buffalo will overtake New England in the AFC East this year.

They finish up with some hoops talk, including Stephen Curry’s zero Finals MVPs and Kevin Durant being a coward before wrapping up with deep takes on why he thinks Lebron James and not Michael Jordan is the greatest of all-time.

It’s great stuff with one of social media’s most entertaining personalities.  Follow Barry on Twitter @MegaracismHater, check out his Class Act Podcast and sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

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