As someone who lived most my life in Buffalo, grew up on the West Side and spent plenty of time living in North Buffalo there’s few things I enjoy more than Hertel Avenue.  I’ll take a beautiful spring or summer day of sitting on a patio and enjoying a cold one at a Hertel Ave pub over almost anything else Western New York has to offer. For that reason MT Pockets is one of my favorite spots to relax and feel the vibes at.   But what about the wings?

PROS:  They’re OK.

CONS: They’re just OK

QB COMPARISON: Wade Wilson. He was — OK.

OUTLOOK: Trying to compare typical bar wings to well established wing treasures like Bar Bill or Gabriel’s Gate is completely unfair.  Problem is I’m not sure MT Pockets measures up to its peers either. To be honest if I’m on Hertel Avenue craving wings with vehicle to venture elsewhere, I definitely preferred Geckos (just down the street) to MT Pockets, though be fair I don’t think management at Pockets tries to tout their wings as one of Western New York’s best.  People go there to hang out and drink and have a good time and make no mistake about, it is a good time. MT Pockets is a cool drinking and social spot with nice vibe pub-goers of all ages can enjoy and a patio that makes for splendid people watching in the summer months. It’s not like you’re going to hate the wings if you get it.  Like I said, they’re “OK.”  I just can’t recommend going there if that’s your primary purpose.