Prohibition 2020 is located in Orchard Park, almost directly next door to Highmark Stadium (I still call it the Ralph but I digress).  It was former called Biergarten and Tailgaters and who knows before that. I’ve had wings there under previous regimes and quite frankly thought they kinda sucked. Will Prohibition suffer the same fate? Let’s find out.

PROS: I was with a handful of friends and we ended up getting five flavors.  It must be noted these reviews are based primarily on traditional wings (hot or medium) above all else and not a contest of what spots have the most flavors, but a large variety doesn’t hurt either.  I tried the traditional hot, Beef on Weck, Chiavettas, Lemon Pepper and Loganberry BBQ.   The traditional hot (most important for the purpose of this) were pretty good as was the Chiavettas and Lemon Pepper. They were plentiful in size, sauced well and crispy enough without being crunchy. The pricing is extremely fair too (20 wings for $21) and a ridiculously cheap wing special every Monday.

CONS: Neither the traditional nor any signature flavors I tried wowed me. I didn’t hate anything I tried, but wasn’t through the moon excited about any of them either.

QB COMPARISON: Derek Carr.  You’re gonna win some games and look pretty good doing it.  But MVP campaigns are out of the question and the Pro Bowl feels like an uphill battle too.

RECORD IF PROHIBITION 2020 PLAYED A FULL NFL SEASON: 8-7. In a region chock full of endless great wing choices, Prohibition is slightly above .500.  A non-championship threat but extremely competitive.

OUTLOOK: There’s nothing wrong with Prohibition. It’s a big-time party spot with good drink and food specials and a great time to be had, especially on Bills game days.  The wings are pretty damn good too, they’re just not on the level of superior competition, some of that nearby as well. If you’re going to the bar to enjoy a few cold ones and some wings, you won’t go wrong by hitting up Prohibition 2020.  Just don’t expect more than what they are—a good, serviceable wing and a good time at the bar.