It was a family affair as I journeyed to Mammosers with four family members in tow.  Each wanted their own take on the wings so we ended up going with a bucket to divvy up, five flavors total.  In the interest of fairness to other places I rate and review, as always I only judge up to two: traditional medium/hot and one signature flavor.

PROS:  These are really solid wings. I thought the medium were excellent and if you like a lot of crisp you’re really in luck.  The sauce was tasty and not too overdone.  I also had Bourbon wings and they were even better, among a handful of my favorite non-traditional flavors I’ve had anywhere.

CONS: I can’t blame the waitress, who was overwhelmed and helpless to do more but the wait was horrible. I had these wings on a Saturday evening during prime hours and there’s never an excuse to be that understaffed.  The wait sucked and so does the men’s bathroom, by the way.  I like older bar eateries as much as the next guy but this bathroom felt like a dungeon. To make matters worse you need to walk to the other part of the building from the dining area and go down what felt like 20 stairs to get there. I got COPD for God’s sake.

QB COMPARISON: Randall Cunningham. There’s a certain uniqueness with Mammosers that doesn’t feel like anywhere else.  Eating there felt exciting than most spots but at the same token the excruciating wait and feeling like I needed an Uber to the bathroom was maddening

OUTLOOK: As far as the enjoyment of the wings, Mammosers is an easy recommend. They’re not in my first tier and possibly not second either, but you won’t go wrong eating here. Maybe I simply got unlucky on a bad night but my lone real beef was with the turnover time. You should never have to wait nearly 50 minutes to get chicken wings.  At the end of the day I’m not sure I’d take a half hour ride from Kenmore to Hamburg for these, but if I lived in the Southtowns I’d be happy mowing down wings at Mammosers regularly.