Tonight had me venture to Pour House in Hamburg after a Twitter follower pointed out to me they have a wing special on Mondays. Bored, hungry and perfectly willing to sit in a bar by myself and eat, I said why the hell not. I’ll say right off the bat the bar has that local feel and the bartender was awesome. Also, because it was wing night I got 10 wings, a diet coke (sorry boozers) left a 33% tip and still only spent $9!  That’s ridiculous.  Extra bonus points for literally being the first and only place I’ve been since being back on this Buffalo trip to give me ALL flats, and it’s not a secret I’ve visited several places recently.

Also, here’s a secret of the pros —- when a place has a wing special, if you get there right at the start you’ll have no wait at all, as the cook is anticipating orders and throws down a ton of wings 10-15 minutes before the special starts.  I ordered my wings and no hyperbole, I was wolfing em down less than six minutes later.

I highlighted many things that were great. There’s actually just one thing that wasn’t great but unfortunately it’s the biggest factor of all.  I simply don’t think the wings were particularly good.  As everyone knows I like my wings atypically—extra saucy and not crispy at all (with as many flats as possible).  Obviously the order was given properly as I got all flats, but they weren’t very saucy and  definitely were on the crispy side.

For me these were middle of the road bar wings, at best. I  wouldn’t actively avoid them were I at the Pour House again and hungry but nothing to be excited about. Right across the street is Mamossers, a place who had wings I semi-raved about on Saturday.  I think Pour House has the (far) better bar I have to be honest—their wings are serviceable but I can’t go higher than that.  To use my NFL QB comparison, Pour House has the Josh McCown of chicken wings.