I love chicken wings and love power rankings things even more. After spending my entire life in Buffalo I moved to Florida in the summer of 2016. After trying wings at a half dozen Florida spots and detesting each I quickly realized how much I took wings back home for granted. While living in the 716, I only ate at the same two or three places, rarely if venturing out beyond my comfort zone for what Buffalo’s arguably most famous for.

Anyway, long story short I’m afforded the opportunity to get back to Buffalo semi-regularly because of my job.  I use every opportunity to try new places and occasionally go back to some a second or third time.  I thought it’d be fun for me and perhaps resourceful if not entertaining to others to start writing up small reviews, comparing that place’s wing to a former or current NFL quarterback and finding a spot for them in my power rankings.

My criteria is simple. I judge each place’s wings on one but not more than two flavors, with traditional medium (or hot) being a requirement. Service, price and overall vibe plays a role in my rankings as well.  Some spots I end up at more than once and they may go up and down the rankings if my experience was different but I’m making it a priority to get to as many first time joints as possible.

There’s tons of places, some highly touted for wings I haven’t been able to get to yet. That list includes Coles, Goodbar, Wingnutz, Dwyers, Brennan, Brunners, Adolfs among others. I’m limited with opportunity but with each trip I’ll be adding a handful to these rankings.

I’ll be back in Buffalo in two weeks and fortunately for the WNY food economy, long enough to hopefully knock off all the above listed plus a few others.  F

For now, here’s my Summer 2019 Chicken Wings Power Rankings, all 40 of the places I’ve had at least once. The ones linked contain reviews/QB comparisons I did.  Some I haven’t had the chance to write up yet, but soon enough they’ll all be linked to a review.

  1. Nine Eleven Tavern
  2. Elmo’s
  3. Audubon North
  4. Bar Bill
  5. Dalmatia Hotel
  6. Gabriel’s Gate
  7. O’Neill’s
  8. Ebenezer Ale House
  9. Amherst Pizza & Ale House
  10. Mooneys (Military Rd)
  11. Mammosers
  12. Big Tree
  13. The Lenox Grill
  14. La Nova
  15. Sonny Reds
  16. Kelly’s Korner
  17. Night Cappe
  18. Duffs
  19. Strikers
  20. Steel City Pub
  21. Biergarten
  22. Sal’s Lounge
  23. Murphs
  24. Anchor Bar
  25. Bella Pizza
  26. Vinny’s
  27. Rusty Buffalo
  28. Geckos
  29. Brick Oven Bistro & Deli
  30. M.T. Pockets
  31. Pour House
  32. Jokers
  33. Doc Sullivans
  34. Guzzos Hot Spot
  35. Lovejoy Pizza
  36. Pappas
  37. Blasdell Pizza
  38. Kodiak Jacks
  39. Ninos Pizza
  40. Danny’s South