On this episode of the Moran-Altyics Podcast presented by Pulse Cellular, Patrick Moran has an extended chat with popular award-winning WGRZ-TV news anchor Maryalice Demler on a variety of topics spanning her life and career.

The interview, designed to give fans a chance to learn more about Maryalice beyond just her job focuses early on about her childhood, and Maryalice remembers being raised in North Tonawanda, some of the things she was into as a child, if she thought about broadcasting while in high school and why she decided to stay local and attend Niagara University for college.

They also discuss Maryalice participating in pageants after school, becoming Miss New York in 1990 and competing in Miss America the following year in 1991.  There were several benefits of being successful on the circuit, including her earning more than $25,000 to help erase student debt as well as discovering the importance of public service and honing the craft of interviewing, something that’d ultimately help her launch a successful news broadcasting career.

Before landing on television though, Maryalice worked as a French teacher for three years as well as a stint in hospital administration and time on radio at WJYE 96.1.

They then discuss Maryalice’s storied career at WGRZ-TV, including her becoming the first and to date only Buffalo-area newsperson to win a New York State Emmy for best TV news anchor.

Maryalice remains candid when recalling the tragedy that struck her hard earlier this year that resulted in her losing the love of her life to a sudden and unexpected death. She discusses the details of her  and moving on-air tribute to him a few weeks later and why it served many important purposes.

They finish with the traditional Mini-Lightning Round and we learn more fun facts about Maryalice, including her go-to snack, favorite city she’s visited, favorite Twitter follow, a game show she thinks she could dominate and a karaoke song she’d love to ace.

Follow Maryalice Demler on Twitter @WGRZMaryAlice and check out wgrz.com as well as seeing her on air weeknights at 6 and 11pm.

After that Moran is joined by his buddy Joe (@BuffaloWins) for another installment of “The Run-In With Joe.”  Today the guys are discussing the Buffalo Bills, focusing on three guys taking a beating both on and off the field so far this season: Cody Ford, Zay Jones and of course Josh Allen.  While prefacing he still very much believes in Allen, Moran gets fired up at fans who make up excuses for his turnovers at every turn and continue to simply chalk it up to being young.

They also talk about the significance of the Bills game Sunday in Tennessee and both agree that it actually means more than the New England game the week before.

They finish by giving their thoughts on a historic Wednesday night for wresting fans as AEW premiered on live television to compete head-to-head with NXT.  Both shows scored favorable reviews and the guys quickly conclude AEW’s success will come down to whether they can sustain the early momentum they’re surely winning.

The segment—and podcast wraps with Joe having a take on his lack of excitement for the start of the Buffalo Sabres regular season.