On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a chat with longtime Buffalo Sabres beat reporter and columnist for the Buffalo News, recurring guest Mike Harrington on topics ranging from the Sabres being a disaster both on and off the ice to a more important non-sports topics taking its toll on all our lives.

The guys talk Sabres, but before dig a little bit into what’s been happening over the past few months. Patrick recalls the last time the guys physically got together last summer for some wings and to tape a podcast before discussing how much the world has changed in just the past few months.  From normalcy to quarantine and even curfew, it’s been an insane time in the United States.

Mike talks about the job the Buffalo News and other media have done covering recent events and his feelings towards having political and non-sports fueled commentary on his social media, explaining the slippery slope it can be.

Eventually the conversation turns to the Sabres and as always, Mike isn’t one to mince words. He has strong takes on Jason Botterill returning for a fourth season as Sabres general manager, Jack Eichel being the worst loser on the team in a complimentary way, Rasmus Ristolainen’s over usage, Rasmus Dahlin’s critical development and the job Ralph Krueger did in his first season as head coach.

Mike explains how despite missing a 24-playoff to extend the postseason drought to nine years, the Sabres may not be as far off from being good as some people may think.  Patrick at one point also tasks Mike with playing salesperson to sell fans on this organization.

Also included is Mike discussing the challenges of trying to cover a team’s beat in today’s Covid-19 society, thoughts on The Last Dance documentary series that recently aired, whether he likes covering hockey or basketball more and finishes by listing of Mt. Rushmore of Sabres players that he’s personally covered, including a bonus story about another player who took heavy interest in Mike’s work.

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