On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran interviews Boston Sports Journal owner, editor and columnist Greg Bedard for well over a full hour in a wide-ranging interview.

It’s a true deep dive into Bedard’s life and career, from his growing up a huge sports fan and talented baseball prospect to his entire sports writing journey, Bedard spends time discussing each step and how it’s shaped who he is today.

Everyone sports journalist  akes a different path to becoming successful and Bedard’s certainly no exception.  He tells the story of how of all things, covering a little league baseball team in Florida in the 90’s helped jump start a career that he previously felt was going nowhere.

Bedard also speaks  candidly of his time at Sports Illustrated after being hand-picked by Peter King, as well as the hurt and frustration he felt after being part of their layoffs in 2017.  It ultimately led to Bedard launching BostonSportsJournal.com and he reveals the reasons why he came to that decision after evaluating the landscape of the business.

Also never one to shy away from a voicing an opinion, Bedard talks about covering Brett Favre and Tom Brady, questions why reporters basically give their work away from free on Twitter, and has an ultra-strong take on why the Pittsburgh Steelers can’t beat the New England Patriots.

You can follow Bedard on Twitter @gregabedard and check out his work at www.bostonsportsjournal.com


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