Grading The Bills 2017 Draft

May 1, 2017By Patrick Moran

Tendering my thoughts on the Buffalo Bills 2017 NFL draft late Sunday/early Monday as opposed to real time is no accident. I’m inherently wired with a formidable tendency to dramatize everything the Bills do and express knee jerk reactions in lieu of marinating thoughts before penning opinions.  I decided this year to mentally process the … Read More

Favorite 100 Songs of the 80s: (#79) Shelia E. – The Glamorous Life

April 28, 2017By Patrick Moran

I can’t say Sheila E. is the best drummer that’s ever lived.  That’s preposterous.  However, I dare you to name a percussionist that’s ever done 360 spins regularly while playing without missing a single beat—and looked sexier doing it. Good luck with that. Barely teenage Patrick Moran was obsessed with Sheila E. after “The Glamorous … Read More

RETRO Raw Recap (8/21/1995): Why Bulldog, Why

April 27, 2017By Patrick Moran

For no particular rhyme or reason other than being fun for me to do and hopefully you to read, I’ve decided to occasionally recap old WWE Monday Night Raw shows (Smackdown will be a future project). At least for me, it’s cool to recreate many Monday nights I evidently didn’t recall as easily as I … Read More

Prediction: The Buffalo Bills Pick At No. 10

April 26, 2017By Patrick Moran

I didn’t go through the trouble of producing a mock draft.  They’re entertaining to glance at while envisioning the effect of each dart thrown at the board landing right, but I’m not nearly qualified to offer insight on who the Pittsburgh Steelers or Arizona Cardinals are leaning towards. Mock drafts are the ultimate NFL guessing game to … Read More

Reaction: Bills Fumble Gillislee Away To Patriots

April 25, 2017By Patrick Moran

The Buffalo Bills declined to match the two-year, $6.4 million offer for restricted running back Mike Gillislee, who now joins the New England Patriots and makes him a heavy favorite to run for 300 yards and three touchdowns when they play the Bills twice next season. The Bills waited literally until the Monday 4:00pm deadline … Read More

Favorite 100 Songs of the 80s: (#82) The Outfield – Your Love

April 25, 2017By Patrick Moran

Josie probably shouldn’t have opted to go on a vacation far away from her residence, because her boyfriend is unequivocally locked into cheating on her. There’s no denying this as the biggest takeaway from The Outfield’s 1985 smash hit “Your Love”; a semi one-hit wonder from the band.  I mean, they technically also charted with … Read More

Favorite 100 Songs of the 80s: (#83) Devo– Whip It

April 24, 2017By Patrick Moran

There’s a plethora of worthy candidates, but Devo belongs on any marketing poster for  biggest one-hit wonders in the 1980s.  With all due respect to the band and I’m not exaggerating here, I never heard a Devo song before “Whip It” nor did I afterwards. Don’t let that take away from my admiration of this … Read More