Ville Leino Won’t Be Playing In Any Sabres Alumni Games

May 16, 2017By Patrick Moran

It’s safe to say Buffalo Sabres fans don’t reminiscence on Ville Leino’s time with team tenderly.  It’s indisputable that one of the team’s all-time free agent busts considers the feeling mutual. On his Instagram today Leino published for sale a hooded sweatshirt called “Jail” that also contains the words greed, jail and idiot. Apparently Leino … Read More

Happy Derek Jeter Day

May 14, 2017By Patrick Moran

Happy Derek Jeter Day, ya’ll. The New York Yankees retire Jeter’s No. 2 tonight before the Yanks take on Houston at the Stadium. The festivities will be televised on ESPN. In honor of tonight’s historic event, check out some of Jeter’s career highlights on this montage I found on Youtube, originally posted by Colin Fitzgerald.

Old School WWF: Tugboat Turns

May 12, 2017By Patrick Moran

Good morning and happy Friday, WWE Universe.  Let’s watch six-man tag team action as the Bushwackers and Tugboat take on The Nasty Boys with Earthquake in 1991.  In this match the dastardly Tugboat turned heel on his partners. He’d go on to build a formidable team with Earthquake, managed by Jimmy Hart.

Thoughts on Sabres Tabbing Botterill For GM

May 11, 2017By Patrick Moran

One of the worst kept secrets in recent Buffalo sports memory became official Thursday as the Buffalo Sabres announced the appointment of Jason Botterill as the team’s general manager.  A press conference is scheduled for 4pm today. The announcement had to wait until the conclusion of the Pittsburgh Penguins/Washington Capitals playoff series. He takes over … Read More

RETRO Raw Recap (9/9/1996): Sincerely Awful

May 11, 2017By Patrick Moran

For no particular rhyme or reason other than being fun for me to do and hopefully you to read, I’ve decided to occasionally recap old WWE Monday Night Raw shows (Smackdown will be a future project). At least for me, it’s cool to recreate many Monday nights I evidently didn’t recall as easily as I … Read More

Old School WWF: Brawler vs Rooster

May 11, 2017By Patrick Moran

Good morning and happy Thursday, WWE Universe.  Let’s watch The Brooklyn Brawler, accompanied by manager Bobby Heenan wrestle (and job to) The Red Rooster in 1989.  It’s odd to see Heenan, one of the greatest managers of all-time bin the corner of Lombardi, the ultimate jobber.  As an aside, does anyone remember Ronnie Garvin as … Read More