Favorite 100 Songs of the 80s: (#25) New Edition – Cool It Now

July 17, 2017By Patrick Moran

“Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike.” That has to be among the most reminisced one-liner lyrics from the 80s, regardless of music genre preference. The most ironic thing about Cool It Now is that it’s a song that nearly didn’t get made—not by New Edition anyway. As the story goes songwriters Vincent Brantley and Rick Timas penned … Read More

Favorite 100 Songs of the 80s: (#26) Madonna – Like A Virgin

July 14, 2017By Patrick Moran

Madonna’s been a mainstay in the music scene four decades (sorry for making her sound old) strong but her most dominant remains the 80s, where she along with Whitney Houston ascended to become the leading female titans of the industry. This is Madonna’s fifth and final appearance in the countdown—the most of any solo artist or group … Read More

Hot Taekery: Bills Should Whack Washington Now

July 11, 2017By Patrick Moran

Every NFL head coach and general manager hopes they don’t have an Adolphus Washington on their team. As a team prepares for training camp and the mental/physical grind of a regular season the last thing they need, literally is a moron getting himself arrested off the field.  Unfortunately for Buffalo Adolphus Washington was doing Adolphus … Read More