I like Tyrod Taylor, I really do. I don’t particularly think he’s the quarterback that can lead the Buffalo Bills out of their 17-year (who we kidding—let’s go ahead and call it 18 now) playoff drought, but I like him nonetheless. I won’t recite his statistics and record as the Buffalo starter because it really doesn’t matter. 

While Bills fans are divided on if they’d rather see Taylor or rookie Nathan Peterman under center, it’s pretty much universally accepted the Bills aren’t going to be playing any post-Week 17 games with Taylor.

In fairness, that’s not solely because of Taylor, not by a long shot.  I’ve said it recently and it’s worth repeating— in my opinion this roster is a Lesean McCoy injury from having their roster since 2001 and maybe even those magical 1984-85 seasons when the Bills posted consecutive 2-14 campaigns. 

Sure Taylor may very well be part of the problem but so is pretty much every position on the team other than RB1 and the Jerry Hughes/Kyle Williams half of the defensive line. Maybe you like it and probably you don’t, but the overall current makeup of this roster stinks.

Sorry, but it’s true.  That’s not an indictment of their long-term future but you’re delusional if you think Buffalo will be in any hunt in 2017 other than a top five pick.

Because it’s clear the Bills are going nowhere in ‘17 Taylor’s getting an unfair shake in the court of public opinion.  The arrow seemed to be pointing up on his potential when the Bills moved up to draft  Zay Jones in the second round this spring, and even more so after the team signed Anquan Boldin on August 7th.  Unfortunately that went to complete shit four days later when Sammy Watkins was traded and again 10 days after when Boldin decided to retire. 

In the blink of an eye Jones went from a No. 3 to the top of the depth chart and instead of drawing opposing nickel and dime defenders he’ll have opposing “shut down” corners on him….. even double teams should he prove himself a threat.  After that there’s a not-so-healthy Jordan Matthews and a bunch of journeyman.  

Talk about a QB being set up to fail.

It’s surely not what Taylor envisioned when restructuring his contract this offseason to return instead of refusing a pay cut and getting released.  He won’t say publicly but surely it’s a decision Taylor’s regretting today.  It’s hard to fathom him not wishing he were in Denver, Miami or hell—-even Cleveland instead of Buffalo at the moment. They’re all far better situations for him.

Furthermore, Taylor suffered a preseason concussion and his availability for the Bills opener Sunday has been in question, but it was reported today he passed protocol and will start for the Bills—VERY much to the dismay of some (most) Bills fans.

Here’s a few reactionary fan tweets from today’s news.

And my two personal favorites….

Look, I want to see Nathan Peterman as much as the next guy. I’m not sure Taylor would’ve improved over what we’ve already seen even if Watkins and Boldin had stayed.  Having said that, I’m anything but convinced the fifth-round rookie, who a few weeks ago was the third stringer is ready to start a NFL game.  That’s nothing against him—I’m simply not sure he’s ready, and a handful of disastrous early showings because he’s not yet NFL (real) game ready yet could do more harm than good.

I say let Taylor start the season and see what he can do.  If he inevitably fails, and all indications with his supporting cast lean towards that happening, ease Peterman into the lineup.

Optimists are saying “Trust The Process.”  I hope that process includes presenting Taylor an impartial chance and making him your 2017 punching bag before the games even count.

If it’s not too late already.