R.I.P. To My First Erin Moran

April 23, 2017By Patrick Moran

My wife’s name is Erin.  When we got married, she became Erin Moran.  If she had a dollar for each time someone sarcastically asked her if she was Erin Moran from Happy Days over the first few years we were married—she’d have plenty of dollars. Sadly, the first Erin Moran to enter my life passed … Read More

Favorite 100 Songs of the 80s: (#84) Madonna– Like A Prayer

April 23, 2017By Patrick Moran

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a countdown of my favorite 100 Madonna songs from the 80s, despite her already appearing for a third time over these first 17 selections.  “Papa Don’t Preach” (86) and “Borderline” (88) have made their presence felt on the list, and now “Like A Prayer” comes in a bit higher.  … Read More

My Take: Bills 2017 Schedule

April 21, 2017By Patrick Moran

I have some thoughts on the 2017 Buffalo Bills schedule, because this is a blog and I’m supposed to have thoughts on it. Typically I can’t stand people praising or scolding a schedule predetermined years in advance, but there are a few things stand out to me about this slate, and I’m sure it’ll surprise … Read More

Thoughts: Sabres Dump Murray & Blysma

April 20, 2017By Patrick Moran

Oh, just your Thursday morning Buffalo sports bombshell. At approximately 10am this morning and seemingly out of nowhere the Buffalo Sabres sent out a Tweet, announcing the organization has fired both Head Coach Dan Blysma and General Manager Tim Murray.  “After reviewing the past season and looking to the future of the organization, Kim and … Read More

RETRO Raw Recap (2/25/1995): Just $1.49 Per Minute!

April 20, 2017By Patrick Moran

For no particular rhyme or reason other than being fun for me to do and hopefully you to read, I’ve decided to occasionally recap old WWE Monday Night Raw shows (Smackdown will be a future project). At least for me, it’s cool to recreate many Monday nights I evidently didn’t recall as easily as I … Read More

Whaley’s Stupidity On Display With Gillislee

April 19, 2017By Patrick Moran

Please, save it.  Save informing me NFL running backs, particularly non-starters are a dime per dozen.  Save advising me that no second string ball carrier is worth $3 million-plus per season. Save reminiscing when Buffalo Bills fans thought the sky was falling post-Karlos Williams before being supplanted effectively by Mike Gillislee.  Save revealing Gillislee as … Read More

Favorite 100 Songs of the 80s: (#88) Madonna – Borderline

April 19, 2017By Patrick Moran

Look, I can liter my countdown with Madonna songs and hardly anyone would protest. She’s music royalty and it began in the 80s.  Here’s a spoiler —you’ve already seen Madonna prior to this entry and it won’t be the last time either, not by a longshot. I can give you intelligent culturally –charged, enlightened explanations … Read More