BILLS:  A few days old but well worth reading if you haven’t already, Buffalo News reporter Vic Carucci has an excellent story on Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus finding it a challenge to play for new DL coach Mike Waulfe, who became a star as a Los Angeles Rams coach on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” last year.

BILLS: WGR’s Sal Capaccio reports the Bills made a last minute offer to Jeremy Maclin, but the free agent wide receiver still decided to sign with the Baltimore Ravens instead.

SABRES: Now that the NHL postseason is over, Die By the Blade writes that the Buffalo Sabres can continue and conclude their coaching search. As an aside, does anyone really think the choice isn’t going to be Phil Housley?

YANKEES: The Ringer examines where the hell Aaron Judge came from. “He’s what happens when a normal MLB power hitter is about 15 percent bigger.”

YANKEES:  No, seriously— Judge homered yet again last night in the Yanks 5-3 victory over the Angels, though the big story was the much needed quality pitching performance of Masahiro Tanaka.

MUSIC: There’s a new number-one on the Forbes list of highest paid entertainers.  His name is Sean “Diddy” Combos, who overtook Taylor Swift by earning $130 million over the past year thanks to his tour, ownership in Ciroc vodka and selling a third of his Sean John clothing line.

TV: VEEP continues to be one of the best television series we’ve seen in years.  Vulture has a recap of their latest episode. I can’t comprehend how’s their people in this country that don’t watch this show.

WWE: Matt Hardy believes that a “broken universe” debut in the WWE can still happen.

WWE: Cageside Seats recaps a Monday Night Raw that on the whole was pretty fun, even if the main event ending was absolutely bush league.

MOVIES: Brett Haley’s low-key feature, about an older actor seeking redemption after being reduced to a cliché, belongs to its star, Sam Elliott.  “The Hero” is reviewed by the New York Times.