Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Buffalo Tap House

August 6, 2019By Patrick Moran

Most my wing trips are at least semi planned out.  Buffalo Tap House was definitely not one of them.  After spending a Saturday afternoon on the Hertel Avenue strip with a buddy hanging out at a couple patio bars enjoying the day we eventually ventured towards downtown.  We met up with more friends at the … Read More

Wing Review/QB Comparison: Wales Center Hotel

July 28, 2019By Patrick Moran

Of all the spots I didn’t get to among the first 40 wing reviews I’ve done, the Wales Center Hotel in is among the most requested, which made me realize I can’t have a serious review/ power rankings list without trying them.  Are these wings worth the considerable hype I read on Twitter or do … Read More

The Office: Power Ranking Every Episode (150-121)

February 19, 2019By Patrick Moran

This is the second of a six part series Power Ranking all 185 episodes of The Office.  Part three (120-91) will be posted tomorrow. See link at the bottom for previous entries.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce these power rankings re just the start of things when it comes to The … Read More