On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a conversation with popular YouTube content creator and Buffalo Sabres superfan Melody Martin about her favorite team, her Sabres videos that have a strong presence on YouTube and her game night experience at Key Bank Center this past Saturday.

For the first time all season, a limited amount (10% of capacity) were allowed into a Sabres home game last weekend.   Melody, along with her mother and cousin were among them.  Melody details what the process and experience was like, including a required app for fully vaccinated attendees, other protocols at the admission gate, what is was like being scattered throughout the arena and forgetting about everything else when Victor Olofsson scored late in the third period (a goal that she actually missed seeing).

She also talks about her YouTube channel and some of its content, including a take on “Driver’s License” that steps away from wit and humor and paints the picture of a deeply frustrated Sabres fans.

The song is played on the podcast before the interview.

They also spend a few minutes talking about the team, including the undeniable impact that firing Ralph Krueger has had of late, the significance of better backup goaltending, the improved contributions of younger players and a guess on if Jack Eichel is going to want to stick around for this continued rebuild.

You can follow Melody on Twitter @MelodyNMartin and definitely be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel, which includes all of her music and Sabres reactions.


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