On this bonus episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran welcomes friend and recurring guest Aaron Quinn (Cover 1) for the third of six weekly Buffalo Bills mock draft podcast episodes every Wednesday leading up to the actual NFL draft that begins April 29. Unlike the first two versions, this Bills mock permits trades.

As always, the computer simulates the other 31 teams and Aaron makes each Buffalo selection in real time. Prior to making the selections the guys reflect on the first two Bills mocks and what they liked and didn’t like about how things played out.  They also examine two positions, cornerback and defensive end that the Bills arguably have a high draft need for and how those positions have little to consensus at this point.  For the first time, Patrick also brings up the possibility of selecting a wide receiver early in the draft, something he’s balked at even discussing in previous mocks.

To say the draft board doesn’t play out the way the guys hoped in round one is an understatement, leading them to select a guy neither is initially happy with.  They then move up into the second round for a defensive lineman and find a guy in the third they think could challenge for a starting spot on the offensive line.

You can follow Aaron on Twitter @AaronQuinn716 and be sure to check out the Cover 1 Buffalo Podcast


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