On today’s future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, it’s “Casual Friday” and Patrick is joined once again by 26 Shirts owner and BillsMafia co-founder Del Reid to discuss a variety of topics focused on Buffalo and fun pop culture stuff.

The Buffalo Sabres finally ended their winless streak at 18 games, defeating the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday night. Patrick discusses how he expected to meet the victory with sarcasm but genuinely felt good for the players and coaches to get the monkey off their back.  He talks about how playing well over their last 21 games could help the culture with younger players and potential offseason acquisitions.  Meanwhile, Del’s happy for the victory but hasn’t been watching much, admittedly in part because they’ve been so lousy.

One franchise that hasn’t been lousy is the Buffalo Bills.  The guys talk about a far less stressful offseason because of Josh Allen’s ascension and continue the debate on over if drafting a running back with their first pick would be a good decision.

They also highlight this week’s 26 Shirts campaign, “Kickin’ Bass” to benefit an ill Shaun Sterner. This shirt was influenced and modeled by Bills kicker Tyler Bass.  (You can purchase the shirt here)

Before finishing up they hit their weekly segments.  We learn a valuable lesson about Instagram and the historical success of the Bee Gee’s in “Today’s Years Old.”  They also discuss results from a poll about former Bills stadium names and draft their “Starting Five” of all-time great comedians.

You can follow Del on Twitter @DelReid and of course be sure to check out 26shirts.com for the latest shirts for sales and campaigns it helps benefit. 


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