I met a friend at the Wellington Pub one week earlier and didn’t have wings, reason being I didn’t see them on the menu and assumed they weren’t available. Perhaps I should’ve read the thing a little more focused because there’s most definitely wings to be had. I went back again the following Saturday after seeing a buddy on Twitter claim they’re some of the best wings out there.   So—-is that accurate?

PROS: Everything about the wings were, to quote Larry David “pretty pretty pretyyyyyyyyy—–pretty good.”  The (medium) sauce was pretty good, the wing size was pretty good, the crisp was pretty good without being overdone and the price was pretty good.

CONS: I don’t have a particular con to be honest because nothing stood out in negative fashion. While pretty good I don’t think they’re elite wings, if that constitutes a con I guess?

QB COMPARISON: Bernie Kosar. He was never going to win a Super Bowl but he most certainly could get your ass to the playoffs.

OUTLOOK: I’ve had wings at two other places close by on the Hertel strip, Geckos and M.T. Pockets and Wellington Pub is head and shoulders the best of the three. However, I wouldn’t go as far to call these some of the best wings in Western New York on the whole.   These are good, very good but not quite great wings. I liken them to Gene McCarthy’s in that they could dominate the neighborhood wing scene but  not quite must-have, where you’re taking a half hour ride or longer to get your hands on them.

Having said that, there’s few things more enjoyable than hitting up Hertel Avenue on a beautiful summer weekend day, grabbing a spot on the patio for people watching with a cold one and wings that’ll hit the spot nice. I absolutely would recommend these to a stranger and feel good about doing so.