Located on Electric Avenue in Lackawanna close to the Blasdell border, Jokers has a classic dive bar feel, although the interior is actually quite impressive and makes up for the terrible parking options outside.  The establishment has been around forever although it’s only been called Jokers for the past few years.  They have a nice selection of booze reasonably priced with the type of clientele where everyone knows each other.  That’s great news, unless you’re not from the area and get into a fight with a local, in which you’re completely screwed.  They have a decent kitchen menu, including wings of course.  So, how are they?

PROS: These wings are excellent when combined with lots of alcohol.

CONS: These wings are excellent only when combined with lots of alcohol.

QB COMPARISON:  Steve Beurlein, the consummate role player.  When you need him to step in he’ll do so admirably.  However, handing this guy the keys to the offense regularly was never a good idea.

OUTLOOK: It seems like I’m making fun of their wings based on one sentence pros/cons but actually I’m not.  Jokers is a bar where people drink first and eat second.  It’s the polar opposite of a place like Bar Bill, where booze is the supplement and there’s positively nothing wrong with that. Jokers has decent dive bar wings best enjoyed when drinking, perhaps quite heavily. Fortunately, I’ve been in Jokers enough to notice that’s not a problem as it’s a spot you think you’re going for one or two and end up being carried out. The wings are plenty big, will help soak up the booze and prevent you from hitting Denny’s at 3:00am. Having said that, if I’m hosting an out of town friend who craves wings before boozing it up, this isn’t where we’re going.  I’m not saying their wings when consuming sober are horrible—I’m saying they’re extremely average.  Jokers is a solid role player and every team needs one—just don’t make them into anything more.

Side note, their french fries are amazing— some of the best I’ve had anywhere.  Look, if you go somewhere to have drinks with your buds and soak it all up with decent wings I absolutely recommend Jokers, I just can’t choose them for wings if it’s your sole purpose for venturing out.