Blasdell Pizza has four locations throughout Western New York:  Hamburg , South Buffalo, Dunkirk and Blasdell.  Regretfully I’ve had wings at three of them, two on multiple occasions.  Yes, that’s an ominous start and seeing this review won’t get any better, let’s just get this over with.

PROS: If I’m being completely honest, nothing.

CONS: Everything. I’ve had both medium and hot and neither have any flavor, even by pizzeria standards.  There’s a line between crispy and dry and they’ve crossed it badly.  I don’t know if $23 for a double order is technically overpriced these days but it certainly felt that way.

QB COMPARISON:  Nate Peterman.  The dude simply was awful yet still given multiple chances.  Through hook or crook I ended up with these wings on my plate a handful of times and each drum or flat was a regrettable experience.

OUTLOOK: For several years I worked Hamburg, very close to Blasdell Pizza and my coworkers ordered there with maddening frequency.  I’m not in the business of burying good people as I’m sure management and most the employees are but truth is the pizza tastes bland, the steak subs taste bland and the chicken wings taste—-bland.

RECORD IF BLASDELL PIZZA PLAYED A FULL NFL SEASON: 2-14 and in danger of contraction.

I assume there’s worse in the Southtowns of Western New York for wings, but I’ve yet to find em.  In a town vastly rich with good eats and more specific to this series, I can’t in good conscious generate a reason to choose wings at Blasdell Pizza over anywhere else.