On this bonus episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran welcomes friend and recurring guest Aaron Quinn (Cover 1) for the second of six weekly Buffalo Bills mock draft podcast episodes every Wednesday leading up to the actual NFL draft that begins April 29.

The mock drafts are done in real time, with the computer simulating picks for the other 31 teams on TheDraftNetwork.com.

Before moving to this current mock the guys spend some time digesting last week’s, an exercise that saw Aaron select running back Travis Etienne in the first round and interior offensive lineman Landon Dickerson in the second.  The Bills signed running back Matt Brieda last week and they discuss if that acquisition would have any impact on a Brandon Beane decision to select a running back early.

They also spend a few minutes discussing getting a few players that can have an impact right away versus guys who may take longer to see the field, and Aaron concludes that a good rookie guard should be capable of unseating incumbent Jon Feliciano right away.

Then the new mock starts and the guys are frustrated that several prospects they had earmarked at pick No. 30 ended up being off the board, prompting them to conclude they were prefer trading up.

This ends up being an extremely defense-heavy mock draft exercise, with the first five picks all being on the defensive side of the ball. Aaron lands on a cornerback at No. 30 (Eric Stokes) that could start from day one, a defensive end in the second round (Carlos Basham) capable of being a part of the rotation early and the same defensive tackles (Tyler Shelvin) in round three that they took in the first mock draft.

They also double down at defensive end, add a safety, local college running back and a receiver to round out the selections.

The guys agree that trades will be on the table for the third mock draft coming next Wednesday.

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