On today’s future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, it’s “Casual Friday” and Patrick Moran is joined once again by 26 Shirts owner and BillsMafia co-founder Del Reid to discuss a variety of topics focused on Buffalo and fun pop culture stuff.

Josh Allen had some comments during a podcast this week with Kyle Brandt regarding Covid vaccinations that some deemed controversial and were quite vocal about their feelings on social media.  Patrick and Del discuss that while Josh is a great quarterback, a great teammate and a great asset to the Western New York community, no one should really give a crap what he thinks about Covid vaccinations, not to mention he didn’t really say anything definitively to begin with.

They also discuss a few Buffalo Bills news items, including Del confirming that a Forrest Lamp t-shirt is not in the works and Dean Marlowe leaving for Detroit leaving a nice hole in the Bills depth.

The Sabres are suddenly playing pretty good hockey and at least Patrick and Del are noticing.  The guys discuss if interim head coach Don Granato should be in the conversation for becoming the “permanent” coach.

26 Shirts has a new campaign this week, “Sporting Buffalo” to benefit a beautiful three-year old girl named Sophie.  Patrick tells the story behind her need for support with Del coloring in the insight.

They also have their weekly regular segments, including Patrick just learning that Robert Downey Jr. was not the top choice for the Iron Man movie series before they each draft a “Starting Five” of movie soundtracks, with Del’s picks extremely diverse while Patrick sticks to his 80s and early 90s gun.

You can follow Del on Twitter @DelReid and of course be sure to check out 26shirts.com for the latest shirts and campaigns it helps benefit, including this week’s “Sporting Buffalo”.


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