I woke up this morning and within minutes was ready to throw up all over my laptop rather than enjoy my breakfast.  It’s not attributed to food poisoning, drinking expired milk or an illness such as cough due to cold

No, it’s because of a Tweet from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport—that bastard.

According to Rapoport current Buffalo Bills restricted free agent running back Mike Gillislee recently went on a visit to—- the God damn New England Patriots!  I mean, I’d be pissed enough if Touchdown Mike were signed away by the Rams, Chargers or Saints— but the Patriots!?!?!

I just can’t.

My anxiety has been immeasurable over any of 31 other teams potentially signing my favorite running back away and that’s because the Bills, inexplicably at both the time and today to me only tendered Gillislee at his original round (fifth), when for $900K more they could’ve come in hot at the second-round level, there’d be no drama and I wouldn’t typing this post with angry fingers.

Gillislee ran for 577 yards (5.7 yards per carry) and scored eight touchdowns on just 101 carries last season as a “backup” for Lesean McCoy.  His value as a home run hitter in this offense shouldn’t be devalued—and he’s not even a starter!

There’s several reports out there that the Bills have talked to Gillislee about an extension.  Just so we’re clear, the team has talked to him about being here multiple years, but couldn’t invest $900K more to make sure worst-case he’s here for 2017 and gives you another full year to work out a long term deal?  That’s ludicrous.

Losing him to anyone would piss me off, but to the Patriots would feel like a punch in the stomach.  Need I remind you around a year ago nearly the exact same thing happened when the Bills only tendered Chris Hogan at his original round (undrafted-no compensation) and the Patriots signed him away.  Hogan went on to have a huge postseason for New England and become a celebrity in Massachusetts because of course he did.

In fairness to the Bills I don’t think Hogan would ever had become a star in Buffalo, especially with a quarterback like Tyrod Taylor that improvises so much.  However, that’s not the case with Gillislee.  I don’t care that he bounced around two teams before he arrived in Buffalo— the kid is a big play running back in an offense that puts a strong emphasis on being a run-first team.

If you think Mike Gillislee is just a “dime per dozen” running back in this league, you’re an idiot and I probably want to fight you. 

This drama could drag on until April 21st—the last day teams can sign a RFA to an offer sheet.

For the record, I’ve been Tweeting ad nauseam on how good I think Gillislee is and how much I think the Bills should keep him since early March.  Don’t believe me? Here’s just a few