Every NFL head coach and general manager hopes they don’t have an Adolphus Washington on their team. As a team prepares for training camp and the mental/physical grind of a regular season the last thing they need, literally is a moron getting himself arrested off the field. 

Unfortunately for Buffalo Adolphus Washington was doing Adolphus Washington things again in Ohio.

The second-year defensive lineman was arrested in Sharonville, Ohio for improperly carrying a concealed weapon at a waterpark Sunday evening. Not only that, but Washington displayed and reached for the gun while sitting in his car—with a police officer just a few feet away.

How freegin’ stupid can you be?

Admittedly I believe it’s discriminating to judge and convict a guy before both sides of the story come out but nevertheless, come on man—this dude has to go.

The Bills made an “official” statement:

“We are aware of the incident regarding Adophus Washington and have been in contact with him. Since it is a pending legal matter, we will have no further comment.”

This doesn’t require any further comment.  Send a real message and cut him immediately.

This is an organization that’s purportedly now rooted in character, starting at the top with Terry Pegula’s new approach towards management and trickling down to no-nonsense head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane. I conceive them two along with Pegula are having discussions as we speak regarding Washington, but I can’t imagine they attain any conclusion other than releasing him immediately.

Let’s not forget, the third-rounder out of Ohio State a year ago was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute and subsequently suspended for the Fiesta Bowl.  That’s not some team-player shit.

Washington showed next-to-nothing on the field last year to demonstrate he’s worth the trouble.  Sorry, but it’s a fact guys that impact games on the field get away with more shit off it—ask Marcell Dareus. 

It’s like 1993 when Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson axed reserve linebacker for snoozing during a team meeting.  When asked if the same fate would’ve awaited quarterback Troy Aikman had he been the one to take an untimely nap, Johnson said he would’ve gotten him a pillow.

Washington was fairly irrelevant as a rookie with Buffalo last year, posting just 21 tackles and 2.5 sacks over 15 games. He didn’t see the field for the season finale after interim head coach Anthony Lynn shelved him for being lazy at practice.

Besides, he’s not even a Beane/McDermott guy.  Washington was tabbed by Doug Whaley and Rex Ryan and is better suited in the 3-4, not McDermott’s primary scheme.  

For me it’s a no brainer—the Bills are risking and likely losing nothing by giving the heave-ho to at best a depth player who may not fit into McDermott’s defense anyway.  It’s the perfect storm to send a message to the organization and its fans that preaching character is more than just hyperbole and idiotic, disconcerting conduct won’t be tolerated.