It’s another edition of The Podbag today on Talking Buffalo, the weekly episode where the audience controls the narrative as Patrick Moran responds to several questions and takes from audience, including examining what the Buffalo Bills biggest under the radar question mark is going into the season and if the Bills are a better team right now than the end of last season.

There’s lot of question marks around the Bills right now, just as there are with most if not all teams around the league. Some of them are pretty obviously, especially asking how the Bills offense will look without Stefon Diggs and how much of an effect losing so many veteran leaders in one offseason may have. But there’s other potential issues with the team as well and Patrick’s asked to identify one that isn’t talked about as much. He comes up with the pass rush and elaborates on why it’s anything but a given that part of the team will be good enough when it matters.

Also, there’s a difference between how a team looks on paper versus reality at times, and Patrick tries to explain that while on paper Buffalo looks like a lesser team than when the season ended last year, that isn’t necessarily the reality.

Not to be outdone today are submissions that sees one fan call sports journalist Tyler Dunne a goober, correctly picking the NFL MVP like your life literally depended on it, favorite and most memorable bars in Buffalo on the heels of the Old Pink burning down this week and much more.

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