On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by sports journalist and Go Long founder to discuss several Buffalo Bills related topics, primary Dunne’s recent sit down with Bills general manager Brandon Beane.

It was certainly a surprise to many Bills fans to see Dunne score an extended interview with Beane considering his critical and some would say controversy articles on the team in recent years. Dunne said himself in a controversy Sean McDermott series last season that the team denied him media credentials. Dunne talks about how things have changed regarding the professional relationship between he and the team, with Dunne at recent press conferences and this hour long sit down with Beane that’s thoroughly discussed in the episode.

Dunne talks about Beane’s demeanor during the interview and many of the topics they touched on during their chat, including some fascinating conversation about Stefon Diggs and the process of trading him away, Josh Allen being Josh Allen, his using the term “transition” in describing the 2024 Bills, addressing Tyler’s McDermott series and some of Dunne’s post Beane conversation takeaways.

They also talk briefly about the Old Pink burning down, Rory McIlroy gagging away the U.S. open and much more.

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