On this special episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined in studio by sports journalist Tyler Dunne to discuss several Buffalo Bills and NFL topics, including his explosive series on Bills head coach Sean McDermott and his season-ending follow up column after the Bills saw their season end in the divisional round for a third straight season and second consecutive time on their home field.

Dunne’s three-part series “The McDermott Problem” garnered national attention when it was released in early December and quite literally had McDermott address an excerpt from it during his media presser the day after Dunne’s content dropped. Tyler talks about the process of putting the work together and especially the aftermath, answering criticism from many Bills fans that’ve accused Dunne of putting out a McDermott hit piece and having a personal axe to grind against the Bills organization. Was Tyler a little surprised with the extreme level of reaction, both good and bad that his McDermott content has elicited?

The guys also spend time discussing why Dunne not only launched Go Long but continues to run it both as his passion or business when there’s surely plenty of high profile media jobs out there he could take if he wanted. That plus tons of Bills/NFL talk and plenty more in this special episode presented by Imperial Pizza.

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