On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran has thoughts on several topics ranging from Joe Brady being officially named Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator, a search for a coordinator on the other side seemingly underway, Bills injuries excuses being valid, a Chiefs vs 49ers Super Bowl and a move the Buffalo Sabres need to make.

To the surprise of pretty much no one, Joe Brady was officially elevated to Bills full-time offensive coordinator. Patrick has thoughts on why it’s the right decision on many levels and the one piece that Brady’s surely missing that could help elevate the offense to a new level in 2024. Also of interest is now former defensive line coach leaving to come defensive coordinator in Chicago. With the Bills interviewing candidates for the position, does this mean McDermott’s at least relinquishing the title and if so, should it go to Bobby Babich?

Also, the Chiefs went on the road and defensively dominated the Ravens to reach the Super Bowl for their fourth time in the past six years. Does this end any discussion of anyone other than Patrick Mahomes being the best quarterback in football? On the NFC side it’s the San Francisco 49ers going to the Super Bowl but does it feel like they even won on Sunday compared to the Detroit Lions gagging the opportunity away?

That plus Juri Kulich needing to be the guy to step in for Jack Quinn with the Sabres, a prominent guest coming on the show tomorrow and much more.


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