On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran discusses the Buffalo Bills firing of offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey on Tuesday morning–how much of it is deserved and how much of it is Dorsey being the scapegoat for bigger problems.

The writing appeared to be be on the wall during Sean McDermott’s post-game press conference in the minutes following their embarrassing 24-22 last second loss at home in prime time to Denver, when the Bills coach was directly critical of the offense and to some extent, Dorsey. Patrick has thoughts on the firing, concluding that it’s deserved if not overdue but to simply think the team’s fortunes on offense let alone overall will turnaround solely because of this move is ludricous.

Patrick talks about why he thinks the head coach is the even bigger problem, though conceding it’s nearly a lock McDermott’s not going anywhere regardless how bad the season end. He also has thoughts on Josh Allen just not being right physically or emotionally, and Von Miller’s lack of impact getting to the point that his reps may be hurting the team.

That plus depression sets in on the Sabres as Tage Thompson suffers a significant injury on Tuesday and much more. Ugh.


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