On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran recorded (also lived streamed) literally just minutes after the Buffalo Bills blew a late lead, and very likely their season by losing at home in prime time to the Denver Broncos in most improbable standards—even by Buffalo standards.

Most of Patrick’s ire is directed towards head coach Sean McDermott for several reasons, ranging from his decision to have an all-out blitz on third and 10 with Denver out of field goal position and needing to convert to have a shot to win the game, to not communicating with special teams before the inexcusable penalty to give the Broncos another chance and to sounding like he’s not taking nearly enough accountability as the head coach when talking to the media afterwards.

Patrick also has plenty of criticism towards Josh Allen, who by and large sucked and was legitimately outplayed by Russ Wilson on Monday night. Ken Dorsey continues to be the punching bag for most if not all offensive problems but the only issue Patrick has with him is not running the ball more against a team that was incapable of stopping it.

He also talks about how he feels at 5-5 the Bills are the most underachieving team in the entire NFL and that their realistic playoff chances are pretty much dead. That and much more chaos in this episode thrown together with no show prep or notes on the fly.


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