On this first 2022 episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran chats with Julianne Pelusi of WGRZ-TV on several topics spanning her life and career, including a discussion on the Buffalo Bills and living in Western New York.

Julianne talks about growing up near Pittsburgh in a family where her father was captain of the University of Pittsburgh’s football team and her mother the captain of the cheerleading team. From a very early age Julianne knew what she wanted to do with her life professionally and she discusses some of the peaks and valleys of getting to where she is now.

They also spend time talking what is about Western New York they both love, how to best handle social media, the relationship with her peers in the Buffalo sports media, some Buffalo Bills talk, a Fun Fact Finale and tons more!

Be sure to follow Julianne on Twitter @JuliannePelusi and check out her excellent work at WGRZ-TV.


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