On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast presented by 26 Shirts, Patrick Moran is joined by recurring guest and friend Joe from Queens and they partake in a fun “fantasy world” exercise involving Josh Allen.  Prefacing everything by saying neither Pat nor Joe think the Buffalo Bills would or should trade Josh Allen they go through every starting quarterback in the league and try to figure out which, if any they’d personally trade Allen for straight-up if they became general manager of the Bills right now.

Again, it’s worth prefacing by saying this is an exercise for fun designed to highlight how far Josh Allen has come in his development and to compare him to other quarterbacks around the league.  That said, the rules for the exercise is that everything about the quarterback would factor into a potential trade, including the player’s talent, age, what he’s done in the present, possibly in the future and of course the player’s contract.

The majority of the list makes for debates shorter than the time it will take the Pro Football Hall of Fame committee to discuss the merits of a Drew Brees induction roughly five years from now. However, there’s three guys Patrick identifies as at least being on the fringe of a discussion and eight others that deserve full-on consideration.

Spoiler alerts— Patrick Mahomes is an easy decision but how many of the others end up getting the nod?

The guys also spend a few minutes remembering this week being the 10-year anniversary of Terry Pegula’s introductory press conference after purchasing the Buffalo Sabres, an event Patrick was in attendance for.

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