I achieved a nice little milestone as today marks the three-year anniversary of hosting Talking Buffalo Podcast. I started it (originally called Moran-Alytics Podcast) because I enjoy longform conversations with people I find interesting and also, quite frankly because I was bored off my ass.

With my punk ass bitch lungs I no longer can play sports or participate in exerting physical activity, so podcasting provides my personal sense of accomplishment.

Over these first three years I’ve been blessed to chop it up with some of the best. I’ve had longform conversations with stars like Adam Schefter, Josina Anderson, super-agent Leigh Steinberg (the real-life Jerry MaGuire) and countless national sports media personalities from outlets like ESPN, The Athletic, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, TNT and more.

I’ve had former Buffalo Bills greats like Don Beebe, Will Wolford, Thomas Smith, Steve Christie, John Fina, Eric Wood and many more on the show. I’ve gotten a chance to chat with two of my all-time favorite NBA point guards, Rod Strickland and Kenny Anderson as well as former NFL stars Gill Byrd and Kevin Carter. I’ve had nearly every Buffalo sports and news media personality on the show. I’ve had Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz with me. Hell, I’ve even had former finalists from The Voice and American Idol on the podcast, including my man Elliott Yamin.

Yeah, I’m self-high fiving and good with it because I’m good at what I do. While the support I’ve gotten from most of my longtime friends and some casual schmucks I know has been predictably minimal, I’ve earned a lot of respect in sports media circles and gained a lot of fans of the podcast. It makes the time and effort well worth it—to this point.

That said, I have goals and plans to step Talking Buffalo Podcast up more in this fourth year. I’m not close to satisfied and that’s good news for people who enjoy listening to the interviews on the podcast.  In the coming months there’ll be video elements and significant big picture stuff I’m not ready to reveal and discuss just yet. But stay tuned, the best is yet to come!