On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a chat with recurring guest and friend Joe From NYC and debuts a new podcast segment called “Yay or Nay.”

Patrick reads off a bunch of statements involving sports, pop culture and even political (sorry folks) and for each the guys will give it a yay (agree) or nay (disagree) and explain their reasons why.  Among the Buffalo sports topics covered is the shocking loss last week in Arizona, Josh Allen’s place among the NFL MVP race, ranking the Stefon Diggs deal last spring among the Bills best trades ever and the apparent redemption of both A.J. Klein and Tyler Bass.

They also examine the Buffalo Sabres new retro jersey, The Shield’s place among the best stables in WWE history and if Alex Trebek is the greatest TV game show host of all time.

There’s also some heated political takes in this episode, including New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent tone and the fear of a Presidential election being overturned.  Here’s a spoiler alert—the guys don’t agree on much.

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