On this championship caliber edition of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a chat with friend and recurring guest Aaron Quinn, co-host of the Cover 1 Buffalo podcast on the Buffalo Bills heartbreaking loss in Arizona on Sunday with a  focus on the big picture as Buffalo heads into their bye week sitting atop the AFC east at 7-3.

Going beyond the obvious DeAndre Hopkins improbable game-winning snatch over three Bills defenders on the last offensive play of the game, Patrick and Aaron discuss several reasons why Buffalo lost on Sunday and why the game shouldn’t have come down to the final play or drive including takes on the Bills interior defensive line again struggling badly, Josh Allen having one of his “floor” games compared to most his MVP discussion worthy season, the Bills running game remaining a non-factor and a talented tight end that continues to hurt the team more than help it.

Aaron shares plenty of thoughts on Ed Oliver not making impact plays but still doing his job reasonably well, Vernon Butler’s struggles and a semi-defense of Dawson Knox.

The guys also spend time discussing the big picture as the bye comes at the perfect time for Buffalo, not just for giving them a chance to get the stench of this gut wrenching away from them but also a chance for several key players to heal more and get healthier. They also discuss the Miami Dolphins and how much of a factor they’ll be in the divisional race down the stretch.

Patrick also shares a story about a recent experience at a Florida outdoor bar where he was called explicit words for wearing a mask to the bathroom.

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