On this milestone episode No. 250 of the future-award winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a chat with the very first guest in the history of this podcast, Sal Capaccio of WGR-550 on a variety of Buffalo Bills and life topics as well as a fan-driven segment of “Ask Sal” that features one of the funnier anecdotes in the history of this podcast.

The guys start by discussing the podcast Sal did with Patrick at O’Neill’s in Orchard Park a little more than a year ago and how much life has changed for Sal both personally and professionally because of Covid-19.  Sal discusses just going out this week with friends socially for the first time in many months, confusion over hello and goodbye social protocols and the radical changes in how having to do with his job in 2020.

Patrick, a current and Sal a former Floridian both talk about living in the Sunshine state and Sal documents his 16-years down south before returning back to Western New York to pursue his radio career while Patrick openly admits he’s not a fan of living in Florida and badly misses Buffalo.

They also talk about the passing of Riverside high school legend Cliff Robinson, old school high school hoops in Buffalo, the Yankees and some 2020 Bills talk.

They finish with an extended segment of “Ask Sal” where fans from Facebook and Twitter submitted questions on a wide variety of topics and let’s just say Sal’s story involving an incident with ESPN radio is worth the listen alone!

Follow Sal on Twitter @SalSports and of course check out his excellent work covering the Bills among other things over at WGR-550.

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