On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, it’s “Five Topic Friday” and Patrick Moran is joined by Joe Miller, host of the Overreaction Sports Podcast on the Buffalo Fanatics podcast network.

Joe’s relatively new to the podcasting game with literally zero radio experience and Patrick’s immediately blown away by his voice and presence, which quickly becomes evident that Joe has a background in music.  He discusses why he started his Overreaction Sports podcast and how he hooked up with the crew at Buffalo Fanatics.

They then jump into the show’s five topics and two are focused on a move within the AFC East that directly impacts the Buffalo Bills.  Cam Newton signed a one-year deal with New England this week and suddenly the Patriots are the trendy pick to once again catapult ahead of the Bills as division favorites.   The guys break down Netwon as a player, agreeing his physical talent makes the Patriots offense significantly more dangerous than were they rolling into the season (assuming there is one) with Jarret Stidham as the starter.   That said, Patrick and Joe disagree if a healthy Cam Newton is better than the 2019 Tom Brady that led the Patriots to a 12-4 regular season record.

It’s also pointed out that Newton lost his last eight starts with the Panthers and while his career record as a starting quarterback is 13 games over .500, that he’s actually only had three winning seasons.

A discussion follows on whether the Patriots deserve to be favorites in the AFC East.  While they still have an elite defense and arguably the best coach in NFL history, it’s a roster depleted with talent beyond just Brady (and Gronk) going to Tampa.

Other topics include the Bills wide receiver room dramatically improving in less than two seasons, if former punter Brian Moorman is deserving of entering the Bills Wall of Fame and the importance of both Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane being signed to big extensions and what could happen if they were to walk in two years.

They also sneak in a few other quick discussions, including a Facebook status Patrick reads off from a friend that captures the spirit of how people should act towards each other and why people need to wear a mask.  Joe, a self-admitted “challenger” has a great take in response.

Joe’s a guy I’m confident Bills fans are going to be hearing from a lot in the near future. He has star potential you just sense in certain people.  Give him a follow on Twitter @JoeMillerWired and be sure to check out his Overreaction Sports podcast on the Buffalo Fanatics podcasting network.

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