On today’s episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a conversation with Stu Boyar about his life and career, one that lasted over 35-years at WGRZ-TV alone before retiring last week.

Widely known as one of the nicest people to ever work in the Western New York sports media, the guys go all the way back to Stu’s humble beginnings growing up a child loving sports but not quite great at playing them in Rochester, New York.  Following the realization in high school he would never play second base for the Cleveland Indians and lead them to a World Series, Stu began to set his sights on a sports broadcasting career.

Stu went to Syracuse for college and worked a few jobs before the door ultimately opened to join WGRZ-TV in February of 1985, not long after quitting his previous job in Erie, PA.  Since then Stu has never looked back, becoming a fixture on television sets of countless Western New Yorkers throughout the years.

Stu discusses the process of getting comfortable being on live television, the environment of which he came into at WGRZ more than 35 years ago and some of the memorable things he’s gotten a chance to cover along the way.

They also talk about how Covid changed the newscasting game, when Stu knew the time was coming for his retirement, what it felt like to see himself on the air for the last time and the barrage of well wishes and accolades offered from colleagues, peers and fans on social media all over following his last broadcast, including a nice tribute from Adam Benigni.

They finish with the Fun Fact Finale and we learn plenty more about Stu, including his first celebrity crush, what game show he think he could do well on, his signature karaoke song, three historical dinner guests he’d love to have over and much more.  You can follow Stu on Twitter @StuBoyar.

Following Stu’s interview Patrick wraps up the podcast by giving his initial thoughts on Cam Newton signing with the New England Patriots and how there’s nothing “fake news” about the behavior going on in Florida, including sights he had to see with his own eyes to believe.

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