On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran hooks up with buddy and recurring guest Joe from NYC to discuss several things, including an examination of the perceived national negative assessment of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and if it’s warranted or unfair.

The guys disagree with several things throughout this episode, including defining what the negativity towards Allen actually is and if it’s mostly fans, bloggers or media doing the lion’s share of driving.  They also spend time discussing why the Buffalo fan base goes united in attack mode against the naysayers while with his predecessor, Tyrod Taylor saw much more division in his defense.

Stats and tweets are used to both support and argue against stances against Allen ranging from rightfully critical to straight-up hating.  Both guys also offer their opinion on Allen’s ability going forward, if the organization should’ve considered Jameis Winston or Cam Newton this offseason and where they would rank Allen if doing a re-draft of the 2018 rookie quarterback class.

Before getting to Allen, Patrick asks Joe how life’s going in New York City, of course the epicenter of the Coronavirus as Joe shares a few solemn views of the city being brought to it’s knees by this virus.

They conclude the segment by arguing over what are some of the best things in Buffalo, including fireworks over Wegman’s and traffic.

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