On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by the first-ever five time guest on the podcast, Matt Parrino to discuss and do their own version of the Best of Buffalo bracket, inspired by the folks(ssssssss) over at Trainwreck Sports.

Recently, Trainwreck Sports posted a March Madness style bracket featuring 64 of the best things about Buffalo.  Fans vote on each matchup via Twitters with the winners moving on.  This caught the attention of Patrick and impatient to wait out results over the next few weeks, grabbed Matt to go through the brackets, discuss each matchup and come up with the Final Four and ultimately the winner during this episode.

If you want to play along while listening, here’s a link to the Trainwreck Sports Best of Buffalo bracket.

Without giving away spoilers, many matchups didn’t go as expected per the seeding and the entire segment is littered with takes on each contender, with the guys come up with a winner for each matchup all the way through—of course featuring a handful of fun disagreements along the way.

They also discuss one controversial matchup in particular that led to a Twitter spat between Patrick and a few of the guys from Trainwreck.

With any bracket there’s always snubs and this one wasn’t different.  After the segment Patrick returns to highlight a handful of great Buffalo things that were left off the bracket.

Before they get to Best of Buffalo the guys spend a few minutes chatting about what Matt’s been up to, including Coronavirus policies that’s altered the way he covers the Bills beat as well as hi plan to host a weekly Wednesday evening live stream YouTube podcast along with NYup.com colleague Ryan Talbot.

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