(TBP 796) 2024 Chicken Wing Rankings & Tiers

May 17, 2024By Patrick Moran

It’s a rare sharp left turn from Buffalo sports talk on Talking Buffalo today as Patrick Moran reveals his wing rankings and tiers for 2024 and is joined by Luke and Tom from the Buffalo Wing Coalition for their thoughts and analysis in a conversation recorded live at Sonny Red’s in Lackawanna. Ranking and placing … Read More

TBP 246: YOUR Bold Buffalo Bills Predictions

August 21, 2020By Patrick Moran

On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran turns control over to the listeners and they responded with a slew of Buffalo Bills 2020 bold predictions before discussing them with recurring guest Joe from NYC. Via the TBP Twitter and Facebook pages fans were asked to chime in with their biggest … Read More

Summer/Fall 2019 Chicken Wing Power Rankings (1-60)

August 28, 2019By Patrick Moran

If you listen regularly to my Moran-Alytics Podcast, read my blog wing reviews here or follow me on Twitter (@PatMoranTweets) I’m sure you’re aware of my fondness for chicken wings. In fact, perhaps the only thing I enjoy more than eating wings is power ranking them. This cliff notes version is I was born and raised in … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Nine Eleven Tavern

July 10, 2019By Patrick Moran

Nine Eleven Tavern is one of dozens of watering holes in South Buffalo (on Bloomfield Avenue) that offers good to wash down your alcohol.  However, as non-mainstream as this place is, as evidenced by not having their own website, their wings are anything but ordinary. PROS: The wings, man. No need to beat around the … Read More